by John Yeo

Mary just adored them and did everything in her power to preserve the magical Marigolds that grew along the borders of her garden. She would water them daily, even when it rained. One day there was a loud knocking at the door. Mary went to open it and there didn’t seem to be anyone around, just a huge bunch of sweet smelling gold coloured Marigolds. 

‘Wonderful!’ She thought, ‘My favourite flower, they smell so freshly cut and they look so good. I must put them in a vase straight away.’

Shortly after there was another knock on the door and when Mary answered, she saw the local postman with a card in his hand.

‘Here you are Ma’am, someone has remembered it’s Valentine’s Day and sent you a card.’

‘How do you know.’ asked Mary.

‘Easy said the postman, there are kisses and hearts all over it.’

Mary smiled and opened the card immediately when she was alone, sure enough it was a Valentine’s Day card with beautiful Marigolds all over it.

 Mary wondered who the unsigned card was from.

Later that day she met Bob, the greengrocer in town and oddly he had a large Marigold in his lapel.

Mary smiled , yet still the penny hadn’t dropped until Bob blushing said to her.

‘I love your Marigolds Mary, your garden is as beautiful as you.’

Then it was Mary’s turn to blush as Bob handed her a bunch of Marigolds with an engagement ring in a box.

‘Please marry me Marigold Mary.’

© Written by John Yeo 

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