This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below..


by John Yeo

Pantrus was one of the lesser Greek Gods. He knew he was immortal, but he’d fallen in love with a mortal and wanted to make her as immortal as he was. He introduced her to the substance of immortality and when the Gods heard of this they were extremely angry. When Pantrus realised his error, he ran away and took a trip through time to the twentieth century.

 When he woke he found himself in a lodging house in Brixton in the centre of London. Millie the landlady was from the West Indies.

‘Oh you’ve woken up, you were very tired when you arrived at the door last night.’

Pantrus could instantly communicate with her as he was an immortal God with extensive powers.

 ‘Yes, of course, I wanted to land in a place of security. 

Where am I?’

‘You will be safe here alright Sir. We are a very peaceful family. 

The strange gold coins you presented when you arrived should pay the rent for ages. What would you like for breakfast?’

Pantrus thought for a moment and said, ‘I would like a glass of nectar and some ambrosia please. Then I will explore the area.’

Ten minutes later Millie came back with a tray containing a cup of tea and some rice pudding.’

‘What’s this?’ asked Pantrus irritably. ‘I will not eat this strange substance.’

Millie looked puzzled and said, ‘That’s Ambrosia rice pudding and the nearest I could get to nectar.’

‘Take it away!’ Pantrus shouted.

© Written by John Yeo 

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