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This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below.


by John Yeo

   ‘If only we could!’ said Peter, completely out of the blue. 

    Mary looked puzzled, shrugged her bony shoulders and swept away a strand of blonde hair that had drifted across her eyes.

   ‘What are you talking about? If only we could what? Peter, you’re talking in riddles again.’ 

  Peter, who was ever the absentminded student, took off his glasses and gave them a polish on the sleeve of his shirt.

   ‘Well I think the only way we can pass the History exam is to go back in time and see what happened for ourselves.’

  Mary laughed, ‘You mean like Dr Who in the Tardiss, how wonderful it would be to actually watch the crowning of the wonderful Queen Elizabeth the first. We would have to be able to blend into the background without being noticed. Imagine the essay we could write if we learned the truth about her secret lover.’   

  Peter laughed loudly as he replied, ‘You would have to be careful Mary or you could lose your head if you were caught spying and being nosey.’

   Mary grinned and playfully pushed Peter on his shoulder, ‘Go on! I’ll give you nosey, we would be carrying out historical research, that’s not being nosey.’

    Peter smiled and replied, ‘That’s the point Mary, If we could travel through time, we would be a part of the past. We would be present before history had become history.

© Written by John Yeo

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