SUNDAY 12th JULY 2020

This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below..


by John Yeo

   Old Mathew was in his eighties and a bit confused sometimes. Mary, his youngest daughter looked after him and cooked for him and generally did most of the chores. Mathew was a vegetable grower and had won numerous prizes for giant fruit and veg. One day he came in from the garden loaded up with produce for the kitchen. Mary began by washing and preparing a huge cabbage. Suddenly she screamed loudly.

‘Dad! This is crawling with caterpillars, look!’

Mathew rushed into the kitchen and said, ‘Don’t worry they’re only inchworms. Just wash the cabbage thoroughly, Mary.’

Mary prepared the meal and they both sat and enjoyed their meal. Mary couldn’t get over the feeling she might have eaten an inchworm and kept worrying. She had drunk a couple of extra glasses of wine to wash away the possible slime from the caterpillar, and she was feeling quite woozy.

 After dinner, she slipped upstairs to the bathroom and swallowed a half dozen extremely strong emetic tablets, washed down with another glass of wine.

 ‘Not to worry, the stronger the better.’ She thought to herself, ‘ l must get rid of that slimy creature from my stomach.’ Mary took a few more tablets to make sure she got rid of the loathsome thing.

 Later her father found her collapsed on the toilet floor with severe stomach pains and called for help from Judy, their next door neighbour, who immediately called an ambulance. Mary was rushed off to hospital with the tablet packet and after they had brought her round and pumped everything from her stomach, the young sister at the hospital asked her what had led her to swallow so many tablets.

‘It was the nasty inchworm that made me do it. I know I shouldn’t have drunk so much but I just wanted to get it out of my system. 

© Written by John Yeo