This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
Which can be found by following the link below..


by John Yeo

    ‘Hey what are we going to do today? We can’t go far as we are in the middle of the ocean all day long.’ said Dominic to Joy, his wife.

    ‘I don’t know Dom, I think I’m a little bit seasick, my stomach feels really queasy, turning over with the billowing waves,’  Joy replied.

  ‘That’s funny, so do I, It’s as if I’ve been on the fairground, Big Dipper ride. This is our first cruise so we are probably taking a while to get used to the swell of the waves at sea. We can get some seasick tablets free from reception.’  said Dominic.

  ‘Hey Dom, look! They’ve organised a special lunch today with a free cocktail, on the house.’

    ‘Doesn’t appeal to me, not with my crazy upset stomach.’ 

   ‘Oh! Can’t we just go and take a look. Please Dom.’


They entered the crowded dining room where they were immediately handed a free green coloured cocktail drink with a cherry on the top. They both grimaced and abandoned them on the nearest vacant table.

    ‘Oh Dom, your face has gone as green as those two horrible concoctions.

  The couple then surveyed the tables around them, groaning with the weight of a wonderful array of delights and deliciousness. The first thing was the meticulous way the food was displayed. Multi breads from around the world, with cheeses in abundance with olives, grapes and pickles. A large salad bar with seafood and fish, including a whole smoked salmon and caviar displayed in abundance. Exotic fruits were carved into the most amazing shapes, around a huge ice-sculpture of a large eagle. The main courses were representative of foods imported from around the world. Then to finish there was the temptation of the dessert section, pavlova, ice cream, and much more.

Joy looked at Dom and burst into tears. ‘All these delights and deliciousness but we daren’t touch a morsel.

Dom frowned.

© Written by John Yeo


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