This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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Todays prompt is ~ KISSING IN KAMACHA


by John Yeo

  The geological survey group were following the Euphrates, the longest river in Western Asia.

   Led by Professor Armitage of Cambridge University, and his wife Elaine the group were exploring the fertile valleys along the riverside. Their guides and erstwhile travelling companions were  Mustafa, Eren, Ahmet and Burak.

   Mustafa, a tall man, with dark penetrating eyes and an eagle’s beak, shaped nose, approached the Professor.

   ‘We will soon arrive in the beautiful valley of Kamacha, Sir. There  is a large tribe there who have been known to be quite violent to strangers. I recommend we follow and respect their customs vigilantly.’

    Burak, his fellow traveller, who was standing beside him nodded his head in agreement.

   ‘Of course;’ responded the Professor, ‘We’re prepared to treat everyone with mutual dignity and respect.’

  Burak, a stocky, medium-height individual with long greasy dark hair, hitched his rifle over his shoulder and silently grinned.

 Professor Armitage then suggested a couple of members of the team should reconnoiter and report back. This idea was greeted with enthusiasm all round and the other members of the team would follow. 

   Morning broke splendidly over the river as the expedition reached Kamacha. They were greeted by a large group of local tribesmen, heavily armed with vicious knives and spears. Suddenly a huge obese man wearing nothing but a loincloth grabbed Elaine and started passionately kissing her. An overweight half naked lady then grabbed hold of the Professor and proceeded to kiss him all over his face. Several tribesmen suddenly were kissing the other male members of the expedition.

  Professor Armitage jumped back in horror and pulled his wife away.

  Mustafa shouted, ‘Have a care Sir, we promised to respect their customs and this is their form of greeting.

© Written by John Yeo