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Requiem of Hearts by Thaddeus Hutyra

I was just bowled over by this poetry. 🌟


Requiem of Hearts

Tides of life can be as sweeping as the tides of oceans
overflowing our enthralling Earth full of allure
What there, however, once was is no longer
gone with the wind the same way as the tides do
Focus thus on your life to the outmost
let especially your love flourish into symphonic flames.

You know, my dear, you are all the musical notes
of the magnificent library of music there is
of all the musical scriptures and overtures
quintessential and essential, effervescent
all the tones out of symphonic instruments
being played on the philharmonic stage.

You know, my dear, when you are with me
it feels to me to be in the midst of creative music
you, the music, your sensual body and your heart
your eyes shining like the most bright stars
the music brought to life by your femininity
the music of the Mozart…

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