This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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Today’s prompt ~ SOFT SPOKEN SECRETS


By John Yeo

  The two families were lifelong friends who had separated and moved away from each other. Not just an average short distance this separation was three thousand miles. The annual plan was to meet up each year and holiday together. Every year a different destination was alternately chosen by each family.

 Don and Betty lived in New York, Don was a high profile film producer and his wife Betty was a retired fashion model who now devoted herself to their three children, Lee, Louis and Loretta. It was Don’s turn to choose a location. The kids were sworn to silence on their destination.

   ‘Look! I don’t want any of the Carter family to know where we are headed this year. Please don’t mention it on social media or Skype. OK!’

  ‘Sure thing Dad,’ chorused the three children in unison.

  Meanwhile, George and Matilda were egging on their two daughters, Carol and Cathy to discover this secret destination in advance. They lived in Surrey in the U.K., pretty close to London, but not quite. George was a successful stockbroker, Matilda had been his high-powered PA, before they’d married.

 The children regularly chatted together over the internet and they knew each other so well. In fact between the five of them they all knew exactly where the families were headed. Carol had a hearing problem, consequently, she was an accomplished lip reader and when Don and Betty were whispering together, she read exactly where they were off to. Soft spoken secrets meant nothing to her.

Next time the families were chatting over Skype, she suddenly said, ‘Will we need warm clothes in Alaska?’

© Written by John Yeo