PROMPT  ~ You and your ghost best friend are an infamous crime-solving team.

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by John Yeo

   It was 3 o’clock in the morning when my mobile phone shrilled into life by my bedside. I came to consciousness rapidly, still in the throes of a wild dream, where we had solved a huge case for a fantastic reward. 

  I’m Case Cassidy, a private investigator attached to the Mutual London Insurance Company. I have been called in to privately investigate some large life insurance claims where murder has been suspected.

 Little does anyone know that I have a partner, I like to think of him as a sleeping partner. He doesn’t answer to a first name, just his well known name when he was alive which began with the letter ‘C’. He was a famous detective during his lifetime and I must say I’m glad to have him around.

‘You’d better get that.’ came the familiar Italian/American voice clearly in my mind.

 ‘O.K! O.K!’ I replied, ‘Keep your mackintosh on!’

I punched the button on the mobile ‘Hello!  Yeah!’

   ‘Hey Case!  This is the Insurance fraud controller. There’s been some new evidence on the Johnson case that we paid out on last week. We’ve had a tipoff that the beneficiary is at the airport now fleeing the country with some ill gotten gains. Try to get to the airport before he leaves and tail him until the police arrive to arrest him.’

‘I’m on my way!’  I replied and slammed my finger hard on the disconnect button.

   C’s voice came into my head instantly. ‘I remember we met the suspect a month ago, I remember him vividly. A smarmy sort of a guy who spoke with a cut glass public school accent. I’ll fly over to the airport now and keep tabs on him while you jump in your beat up Peugeot car and negotiate the traffic.’

    ‘O.K, but haunt him with all manner of three dimensional interventions until I get there.’ I found then; I was talking to thin air.

    The six mile journey to the airport was fast and smooth at that time of the morning. I was lucky not to encounter any police patrol cars on the way. I got through to a noisy, crowded terminal one when C’s voice came clearly into my head,

    ‘He’s in the first class lounge on terminal three. He is drinking champagne and looks quite pleased with himself,’

  I headed straight over there and produced my ID card to the airport security man and approached the suspect.

  ‘Hi Mr Johnson! Fancy meeting you here, I remember you from a few days ago when you were in our office in Holborn. How are you? Are you off on a trip?’

 C’s voice broke into my mind and said, ‘Tell him he’s under arrest for grand larceny and fraud.’

 Johnson looked somewhat shaken as he replied, ‘No, I’m off to visit family in Spain.’

Meantime in my mind C was growling, ‘Cuff him until the police arrive.’

 I replied to C in my head, ‘Look you know I’m not a policeman!’

I replied to Mr Johnson. ‘Nice, what part of Spain?’

C was aggravating my composure with his comments when I suddenly said to Johnson.

‘Oh one more thing! I’m making a citizen’s arrest and you are under my custody until the police arrive.’

Johnson tried to run but the airport security guard stopped him at the door.

 The police arrived and took him away. C and I were arguing for ages over the way this case turned out.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved