I have been thinking about the ways we are spending our dual  self-centred time during this horrible pandemic. It’s amazing how we constructively fill in the hours with hardly any time to spare to look around. 

  After a good breakfast we spend time nourishing our brain cells. Margaret completes daily crossword and sudoku puzzles published in the Daily Mail and I play online chess and scrabble against friends, including Margaret.

   We both spend a good few hours on our allotment, Margaret has cut back on the allotment work now the winter is setting in and she sometimes chooses to spend time at home catching up with her other chores.

 Sporadically, weather permitting lately, we will go for an active walk around the block together.

   We both read a lot, laugh a lot and enjoy each other’s company a lot.

   We also both enjoy taking part in regular Tai Chi sessions via YouTube, which stretches our muscles and keeps our joints flexible. The breathing and relaxation part of these exercises are a marvellous way to defeat the lockdown blues.

  I will lose myself in enhancing my cerebral health by writing and composing poetry. In between using her creative cookery skills to produce some tasty evening meals, Margaret will then read everything I write and make some constructive criticism. Then after our evening meal we will spend the evening watching some favourite television programmes or listening to music.

© Written by John Yeo

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