PROMPT ~ Write about a time you were uncomfortable


by John Yeo

  The huge publicity campaign highlighting the dangers of interaction with other people during the current Coronavirus pandemic makes one feel extremely uncomfortable all the time. 

   Whenever one ventures out of the house the dangers, whether real or imagined are all around. Most people we come into contact with, take the necessary precautions by keeping to the metre distancing recommendations and a high proportion wear a face covering when entering the local shops.

 However there are still the virtually unconcerned minority, who take enormous risks with their own health and everyone else they come into contact with. 

  The daily statistics, sadly give a clear picture of the latest figures of people who have become infected with the virus and sadder still, the number of people who’ve been hospitalised. Then the most uncomfortable statistic of all, the daily death toll from this unremittingly vicious virus. 

 We live in a small town of narrow streets around the main shopping area that has been turned into a one way pedestrian area. One side of the main road has been designated by clear arrow signs pointing in one direction. The opposite side of the road has a series of arrows clearly pointing in the opposite direction. The shops and the shopping area are built close to the main road, with narrow pavements, leaving little room for people to pass one another and still comply with the social distancing recommendations. 

 The main shopping road is a one way road for traffic and the town gets exceedingly busy at times. Some incredibly ignorant, unenlightened people, will insist on walking along the pavements in the wrong direction causing other pedestrians to walk in the road to maintain the social distancing regulations. Very few people wear a face covering except for when they enter the shops, where it is a legal requirement.

  We tend to avoid shopping in town unless it’s absolutely essential, but of course there are times when a visit to the Pharmacy or the Optician or the Hairdressers makes it unavoidable. 

   At this particularly unusual time during this obnoxious Coronavirus pandemic going into town will always be accompanied by an unpleasant, uncomfortable feeling.

© Written by John Yeo

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