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by John Yeo

  James Sherwood was a retired self-made entrepreneur. A giant of man, 6′ 6″ in height with a broad pair of shoulders, he wasn’t a man who suffered fools gladly, he looked rather striking with his long dark hair and shrewd blue eyes. Happily married to the beautiful Eva for 19 extremely happy years, they were a well respected couple, who fitted in well with the inhabitants of the local village. Eva was resigned to the fact that James was an inveterate gambler, particularly now he’d retired, he was subject to periods of extreme boredom.

  Once a month James would fly to Scotland, in his private single engine plane to take part in a game of cards with his high-rolling cronies. 

  He knew this would be an unusual night, he just couldn’t go wrong. Hand after hand went his way and he’d cleaned out all of his friends except Donald who kept on playing long after the others had dropped out. Donald was a stubborn fellow who was also an entrepreneur and he hated to lose. 

  The tension was electric when it came to what was to be the final hand of the session. Donald was cleaned out halfway through the hand, but he refused to give in.

   James grinned and said.  ‘That’s it Donald; you’ve lost this one, l’m on a roll today.’

     ‘Wait, James, I’m not finished yet!’

   ‘What do you mean? You haven’t any money left!’

  Donald ran his hand through his thick blonde hair and replied,

‘OK buddy, I’m not done yet! I bet you all the money on the table against my C130 Hercules aeroplane parked on the airport runway.’

 There was a sudden silence in the room as the implications of this became clear. James nodded and heaped the cash in a pile in the centre of the table, Donald threw the keys to the Hercules on top. The atmosphere was tense as the last hand was played out.

There was a gasp as the last card was played and James took the hand.

  Donald went white and accepted the outcome, although he hated to lose, he gritted his teeth and said, ‘James, buddy, you’ll have to give me a lift home.’

  Much later James arrived home and shouted to Eva. 

  ‘Sorry I’m late! I’ve brought you a Hercules home.’

Without looking at James, she replied.

   ‘Yes! I saw you arrive but I don’t like the propellers.’

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.