This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

  The long winding pathway led to a collection of kennels. A weather beaten sign was nailed to the gate. ‘WELCOME to MUTTVILLE’.

     A cacophony of loud barking greeted us as we approached. My wife Martha, flicked her long brown hair from her eyes, grinned and said, ‘Sounds like we’ve arrived.’ 

 We were looking for a replacement for Pixel, our Border Collie house dog, who’d sadly passed away suddenly, a week ago.

   ‘Hardly any need for that sign, with the noisy welcome we received on the way in.’

  Martha pulled the car up outside the gate and we entered the yard on foot.

  We were welcomed by the owner, Rosa, a smiling vivacious young lady with long auburn hair tied up in a ponytail. 

I have to admit to having strong reservations about replacing Pixel, I had been incredibly close to that dog and in my mind he was irreplaceable. I found excuses to reject dog after dog for a variety of reasons. The last kennel contained a solitary young dog who was curled up in a corner ignoring us all.

  Rosa said, ‘Meet Mist, a new arrival, he’s just settling in and is wary, unsure of everyone. He was a stray found on the moors, we were going to call him Mystery, but he only answers to Mist.’

   I softly said, ‘Hi Mist!’ 

   His ears pricked up as he leapt forward, wagging his tail furiously, he licked my hand and rubbed himself against my leg. With that I knew we’d found our new member of the family. Mist had simply massacred all my reservations. Martha just grinned and patted Mist on the head, she received an excited nuzzle in return.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.