This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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Prompt ~ Lickable lotions


by John Yeo

  Farmer Ben Jones had worked as a successful sheep farmer for many years. A short stocky man with a ruddy, weather beaten face that reflected his years of coping with the ups and downs of working as a successful livestock farmer in all weathers. 

The farm was located on the hilly terrain of North Wales and subject to extremes of weather conditions from fierce winter winds with driving rain, to beautiful spring sunshine, encouraging fresh green grass where his flock could contentedly graze. 

The large flock of sheep with their lambs were expertly controlled by his three well trained, energetic, intelligent border collie, sheepdogs, Meg, Shep and Spot.

  His pretty wife Betty, a tiny lady, whose stature didn’t reflect her ingrained toughness, had trained as a vet, before she married Farmer Ben and became a full time farmers wife and a mother to their 15 years old son James. 

  One day Spot began licking one of his front paws more than usual, whimpering quietly to himself, James came in from the yard having fed the dogs, this was part of his daily routine. 

    ‘Hey Dad! what’s  up with Spot? He keeps licking his front paw and he’s not himself.’

    ‘Farmer Ben looked up and grinned, ‘Well spotted son! You’re learning fast. Your Mum has been looking after him with some of her TLC.’

     ‘That’s right James, I think he has a slight infection on his foot pad and I’ve plastered it with some of my special lotion.’ said Betty.

 James looked slightly puzzled at this and exclaimed! ‘Surely it’s no good if he keeps on licking it away. Is it safe?”

 His Dad proudly smiled and said, ‘Don’t worry son. Your Mum knows what she’s doing.’

  Betty patted him on the back and said, ‘Good point James, I used a safe lickable lotion that will do no harm to Spot’s insides. I will renew the lotion later and dress his paw overnight so he can’t lick it off again. I didn’t want him to run around for the rest of the day with a bandage on his foot.’

  Farmer Ben and James then made a special visit to make a big fuss of Meg and Shep, while Betty was caring for Spot. 

© Written by John Yeo all rights reserved.