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by John Yeo

  The morning dawned to an annual seasonal change. A warming sun bathed the garden with a fertile, floral, light. Colourful blooms in the pastel range lit up the garden borders creating a wonderful sight that heralded the return of sweet fertile Spring.

  Almost overnight, the scene had subtly altered. Green branches were covered with swollen buds. Petals were tightly bound, ready to burst outward to reveal a seasonal floral splendour. Then within a few hours a strong heady floral fragrance drifted outwards from the centre of the blooms. So powerful, even the songbirds were overpowered in the sheer glorious delight of feasting on the multitude of insects that were drawn by this heady ephemeral fragrance. The insects visit the flowers to get sweet nectar. Pollen sticks to the insect’s body. The insect then flies off to another flower where some of the pollen may be transferred to the stigma. This transfer of pollen from one flower to another is called cross-pollination.

 Fragrant findings by insects leads to a chain of circumstances with many outcomes.

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