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by John Yeo

  ‘Gerri, the Coronavirus update is just beginning on TV love! It’s the PM, alongside the PROF. outlining the health view and SIR.P., taking the scientific stance’ exclaimed  Peter Smith, quite loudly as his wife Geraldine was busy in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. There was a vocal reaction to this, Peter was unsure how this information had been received. Sometimes he felt that his wife’s surface enthusiastic response masked an undercurrent of resignation. They had endured the highs and lows of the worldwide pandemic for almost a year now and the constant flow of facts and figures and graphs had begun to show signs of overkill. They sat down together to listen to the latest stream of data.

    The PM opened the proceedings with a long fact-filled description of the latest developments. This inspiring rundown of facts and figures ended with the sentence…..’We are making excellent progress in the fight against this deadly threat to our way of life and I’m sure we will eventually be able to get this virus under control. I will now hand you over to the Prof, who will outline the situation so far.’

The Professor confidently began to interpret the meaning of the figures on several  charts and after some health advice finished by saying. ‘If everyone obeys the recommended behavioural instructions, eventually we will certainly beat this virus.’

Next, Sir P, the esteemed head of science outlined the up-to-minute  scientific research on the progress of the worldwide attempts to produce an effective vaccine to stem the uncontrolled spread of the virus. His closing words were, ‘Eventually, when the bulk of the population has had a vaccination, herd immunity will develop and we will have the virus on the run.

Eventually after some questions from the media and the public the PM closed the meeting with the words….Stay at home, Protect the NHS,  Save lives and eventually we’ll certainly beat this virus.

      Geraldine looked at Peter and said, ‘It’s frightening Pete! Whatever are we going to do on the day after eventually?’

    Peter grinned and replied, ‘Easy Geri! We’ll invite our friends and family round to enjoy a wild party and celebrate for the whole day!’

     ‘Ooh Yes Pete! Then we can book a holiday abroad and celebrate with the rest of the family overseas.’

 © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved