This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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Image credit ~ Indigo banded Kingfisher ~ courtesy of Pinterest 


by John Yeo

When the Kingfisher comes inland 

It’s  always a sign of rainfall.

With his splashes of indigo plumage

Reflecting the skies illumination

He announces the arrival of welcome rain.

Living under indigo skies.


Everything is burnt and sere,

Parched people on a parched earth

Scratch the dusty soil to survive.

The drought has been severe.

Acacia and Palm trees thrive.

Under the indigo skies.


Rainfall arrives with a cool fresh shower

Flushing the dry scarred land clean.

The dust we have been breathing 

Turns to mud. Life is a celebration,

Dancing, laughing and singing. 

We have free, fresh water to drink.

The crops breathe a sigh of relief.

Living under indigo skies.


Birds fly down to bathe and drink

In the swiftly forming puddles.

Dry river-beds begin to fill

First with a trickle, then a flood.

Flowers bloom fresh and smile.

Our crops grow green with welcome

Under the indigo skies.


Women fill stone jars with water

Balancing the weight on their heads.

People dance and sing once again

Coming together to appreciate the rain.

Clean, clear fresh water is everywhere,

Flushing away the forgotten pain

Of the sad dry months of drought.

Living under indigo skies.


 ©  Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved

Image credit ~ Indigo banded Kingfisher ~ courtesy of Pinterest