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by John Yeo

  Bob Simpkins planned to celebrate his eightieth birthday in style. He’d always been a popular man in the village with a quick sense of humour and impish blue eyes with crinkly laughter lines, people were drawn to him. Bob’s wife Lil was excitedly calling up their local friends and neighbours, spreading the word. 

  Lil and Bob had been married for forty years. Lil was Bob’s pride and joy, they were so close, people who knew them thought they were possessed of one mind, sharing each other’s every thought and feeling. Lil was a splendid-looking, matronly lady with blonde curls and a charming smile that lit up her face. Her youthful looks wildly belied her 79 years of age.

   Bob would brag to all and sundry. ‘She was a stunner when I met her and she hasn’t changed a bit.’

   Lil would blush instantly if she happened to be present.
Their three children had arranged to set the celebrations up, and left the invitations to Bob and Lil.

  Bob and Lil were soon excitedly discussing who to invite from their numerous friends and acquaintances and filling in the invitation cards together.

 Finally when the big day arrived the family were surprised to see so few people present apart from the family.

‘Bob! Did you remember to post the invites?’

‘Of course Lil! I’m not daft!’

At that moment the postman arrived with a bundle of returned mail. mostly marked deceased or gone away. 

Dr Blake, the local GP, happened to have attended the party and pricked his ears up when he realized what had happened. 

He asked Bob and Lil and their son to attend the surgery.

After a long examination of both Bob and Lil with many questions, the Doctor had this to say to Bill.

     ‘I’m sorry to say, I suspect your parents are both in the early stages of dementia. They are both living under the influence of a misshapen reality, it’s unusual for a married couple to both suffer together. The misshapen reality usually applies to one or the other. Interestingly they are both living in the same timeframe located many years ago when these friends they invited to the party were still alive.’

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