This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘The Last Post on WordPress’  


Who would you like to have to spend a day with and what do you hope you’d learn from the experience?


by John Yeo

Everyone calls him Jim, who really cares?
He stands with his hand out every day
Never says a word, just stands and stares 

On the same corner of the highway
I always put a coin in his hand as I pass,
He never smiles, just stares straight ahead.
I often wonder about his life in the past
One day I caught his eye and I said.

‘I know who you are, It was a mystery.
I think you are certainly out of place
I have weaved your life into a history
The fall must have hurt but it’s no disgrace.’
Jim looked shocked and angry.
For the first time ever, he actually spoke.
‘I have to beg for food as I’m hungry!
I was wealthy once but now I’m broke.’

The voice was nervous, and cultured
Betraying the roots of fine living.
I had guessed a good life was ruptured
Destroyed by cruel fate, unforgiving.
‘I have written a new turn for your story.’
I said, as I put a coin in his hand.
‘You will now be covered in glory
I am a writer you understand.’

Everyone called him Jim, who really cared?
He stood with his hand out every day
Never said a word, just stood and stared.
On the same corner of the same highway.
The original Jim was a sad mystery
An unhappy life confined to history.

The bad breaks in his life sadly failed 

A feeling of lost hopelessness prevailed.

Copyright © written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

I would in reality like to spend a day with a character like Jim to learn his story and how he came to find himself in this unfortunate position.

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