This is-written in response to a writing prompt from WordPress,com

Clone wars
If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?


by John Yeo

‘Same again?’ 

Asked the man behind the bar.

The liquid was measured into a glass

Containing a speck of dust.

The quantity was exactly the same 

But there was a glaring difference.


The germ was consumed and grew

Then quickly spread through my body.

Cells attacking cells the battle was fought

Then medical science joined the affray

Although I have recovered my health today

I will never be the same again.


A glaring display of opposites is always very plain,

Wars are fought over a tiny differential

To be exactly one and the same,

Would be impossible to sustain

Variation is a valuable guide to follow. 

Life stands still with the same again.


Like peas in a pod the midwife laughed

As the twins came into the world.

There the similarities ended,

Differences always arise during growth.

Upbringing and shaping, count for a lot.

A clone is a carbon copy of the original.


Tempting fate to fill the glass,

requesting the same again.

©  Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.