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PROMPT ~ Success
Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.


by John Yeo

Work has been stressful without a break

I’ll feel better when I get home.

The flight was late, I had a horrendous wait,

It’ll be good to surprise the family.

It’s been a hard week but I’m early.

My wife will be delighted

When she knows I’ve been successful.

I’ll be taking her out to dinner tonight.


The taxi pulled up behind a posh new car.

There’s another one parked in the drive.

My children must have some visitors.

Two brand new matching luxury cars.


Mary, my wife rushed out of the house.

‘Welcome home! Our luck finally changed!

Isn’t the windfall exciting?

Thirteen million pounds is a massive amount..

I knew our numbers would come up in the end!

Come inside, relax, put your feet up,

Your work is now a thing of the past.

We have many plans to make.

I have rung the family, everyone knows.

We’re having a celebrate.’


My face must have mirrored my confusion 

When my wife grinned and continued.

‘Don’t tell me you’ve been so busy

You haven’t heard the news.

Our regular lottery numbers have won,

We are now multi-millionaires.

We just need the ticket to prove it.’


My face went white in shocked surprise.

Reality took seconds to surface.

Thirteen million pounds; a huge,amount

That sadly we can never claim.

I certainly would have celebrated,

If only I’d remembered to buy the ticket.


© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


 I wrote the above poem in a way that illustrates the dangers of spending money that hasn’t actually arrived. The elation at the success of winning could lead to some unfortunate decisions. The unfortunate person who forgot to invest in the winning ticket is obviously in dire straits with the family.

 Yet although I’m sure winning a massive amount of money would be welcome, I can’t help thinking this sort of success can often be something of a double-edged sword.

 Success will always be a difficult concept to recognise and to write about. Anyone’s first thoughts about suddenly winning 13 million pounds on the lottery, would obviously be extreme delight and excitement. However on reflection a massive sum such as this carries many hidden disadvantages, not the least being the sudden, certain, changes of lifestyle. 

 Obviously the members of the family would be the most uncomplicated beneficiaries. The mere fact of the initial delight of receiving what would be a reasonable sum would certainly lead to an easing of life’s pressures. Then, human nature, being as egotistical as it certainly is, would throw up all manner of complicated psychological reasons on the way the spreading of the winners good fortune could have been done differently.

 The main problems would surely arrive, with the certain lifestyle changes for the winners that would arrive the minute the cheque is cashed and the money becomes available. The sheer danger of the ability to indulge in everything in excess would be incredibly stressful. 

 However the positive aspects of a large win would certainly outweigh the negative aspects. All I can say is keep buying the ticket, as you can’t win without the investment of the entrance fee.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.