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This is a response to a prompt provided by WordPress

PROMPT ~ Rebel


by John Yeo

   We had been desperately searching for somewhere to live as my lovely wife Mary was expecting our first child in three months. Our landlord rented out the flat to us fully furnished, with the strict rule, no children would be allowed  to live in the accommodation under any circumstances. 

Mr and Mrs Sherwood lived on the ground floor and wouldn’t tolerate the noise of children under any circumstances.

  We had searched the small ads everywhere and tried many agencies without any results. Private landlords all wanted a massive payment up front and it certainly looked as if homelessness beckoned.
  I noticed a newspaper advert for a bookshop manager with accommodation provided. This is not my normal profession, I trained as a research scientist, but the advert clearly said experience wasn’t  essential as full training would be given.

 I applied for the job where we met the adorable Tom and Barbara, both octogenarians headed for retirement. I was hired on the spot and after the interview Tom and Barbara became close friends. They spent many hours with us both, teaching us the tricks of the bookshop trade.

 Mary and I soon moved into a lovely spacious flat above the shop with furniture donated and provided by friends, with some on permanent loan from Tom and Barbara.
  Then we learned about the gruesome twosome next door, Rock and Roll ravers and rebels who ran a drugs cafe, open 24 hours a day. The noise after dark was horrendous, with loud music and shouting well after midnight, seven days a week.

 Mary became extremely tense and nervous after the first few days and I was quite worried about the effect this would have on our baby after the birth. I gave the situation a lot of thought and I came up with a plan to rid us of this noisy inconvenience permanently. 

As a research scientist in chemistry, I devised a plan to procure certain chemicals that would emit a harmless extremely powerful obnoxious smell when they were mixed together. I was able to place a small tube from our yard at the rear of the shop extremely close to their windows and I switched on a pump that spread the foul smelling gas directly into the noisy drugs cafe next door.

The effect was magical as there was an instant exodus of people into the street holding their noses, cursing and shouting. I then switched off and withdrew the tube. The gruesome twosome couldn’t work out where the smell came from and every time the cafe filled up in the evening, I would repeat the gas emission with the same wonderful effect. Eventually they got so fed up they closed their cafe and moved away after six weeks of this treatment. The empty premises became a charity shop with normal opening and closing hours. 

 Mary soon gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. I always would be a hero in Mary’s eyes as a rebel against inconvenient noisy rock and roll rebels.

 © Written by John Yeo  All rights reserved 

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