For today’s prompt, write a last poem. The poem itself does not (and hopefully is not) have to be THE last poem ever written. But it could be the last poem for a person, or the a poem about the last day of school or work. Heck, it could be a poem about eating the last piece of pie (or discovering someone beat you to it).


(A last poem)

The funeral was a formal venerable occasion,

People attended from near and far.

A well-respected member of our local community 

Had passed onward to a shining star.


The family gathered to hear a trusted lawyer

Solemnly intone the final wishes

Of the late mysterious solitary Ebeneezer 

A man who kept secrets of his wealth and riches.


A confirmed bachelor all his lifelong days

As the eldest of nine, brothers and sisters

His spread-out family with many nephews and nieces 

Hearing these last words provoked many shocked whispers.


‘I leave my entire fortune to the member of my family 

Who can solve the riddle of hidden infinity 

Defrost my body that is preserved cryogenically.

Then I will reveal where I’ve hidden my fortune.’

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved