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“I love Writing because~~~? 

My response today to Doris Emmett’s Post-a-Day challenge. 

“I love Writing because~~~? 

It fulfills an expressive need

To work my fertile imagination.

A need to plant a literary seed

To stimulate a critical reaction.

I am a fisherman of verbal thought,

I bait my hook with evocative words

To catch the compliments and praise.

For my ability to put words together.

I don’t throw my words back in the air,

I write as I think, clear and free.

Rhyming or blank verse, I fire away,

My words become a part of me.

Writing is a way of recording life

A way of expressing my dreams

A way of breaking the shackles

That imprisoned the unexpected.

Writing is a disposable record.

A push on the delete button

Or a permanent revelation?

©️ Written by John Yeo

Best regards

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