My response today to Doris Emmett’s Post-a-Day challenge. 


Awake again at four am,
I reach for my phone and switch on.
A cursory glance at world events.
The messages and emails can wait.
I search for the familiar link.
It’s Wordle-ing time again.

Click and thirty blank boxes appear
Piled up in six lines of five squares.
I tentatively enter a first attempt
Searching for green or yellow.
With varying results as the letters
Seem to defy my linguistic power.

Usually I arrive at the right solution
After much frustration or sheer elation.
Then it’s off to share my results with
My fellow Wordle freaks, H. and M.
We compare results over the net
Who is a dunce? Who will be champ of the day.

©️ John Yeo