My response today to Doris Emmett’s Post-a-Day for May


The sirens sounded as we fled,
Our escape was discovered quite quickly.
I knew I would have to break free
From the cruelty of false imprisonment.
Men on horseback with dogs in pursuit
We fled through the marshes in haste.
Snarling,vicious dogs on our trail
With sharp fangs that thirsted for blood.

We came to a fast-flowing stream.
I jumped in the water to confuse the hounds
I had lost touch with Ben in my haste.
Suddenly a terrifying scream resounded
An ear-piercing, soul-shattering sound
An animal-like death call that carried
And echoed for miles around.
Then silence as a throat is torn out.

Just the sound of the hounds growling,
Snarling and fighting for flesh.
I hide here frozen, petrified with fear
Pain and shock as the hunters pass.
With Ben chained, captured and beaten.
Bloodstained and shaking with fear
The hounds have a stag, half-eaten.
I make my escape and get clear.l

©️ John Yeo