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Bird Box

  In early spring Margaret and I decided to remove and replace an old bird box that has seen the arrival and the fledging of several families of bluetits over the years. Almost immediately we were delighted to see a pair of birds visiting the new bird box and busily flying to and fro.    

  About three weeks ago we noticed the birds had disappeared and there was a sad lack of activity. Today I gingerly opened the box to discover about 15 tiny eggs in a beautifully constructed cozy nest. I took a photo of the nest and then explored the internet to discover what to do next.

 We were advised to leave well alone, at least until early September as another pair of birds may remove the eggs and start a family. We were both impressed with this beautiful, intricately built nest. We did wonder how a tiny pair of birds would manage to bring up a family of 15. Obviously this is another example of Nature overcompensating and relying on the survival of the fittest few chicks.  

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