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BLOG POST 20th June 2020

Farming example

We travelled along the A17 through rural Lincolnshire. It never ceases to amaze me how industrious the rural English are. We travelled through many well tended fields with a great variety of crops in the process of cultivation. The variety of houses and farm buildings with small shacks and sheds attached with many farming implements on display is impressive. We crossed a bridge over the river Welland, in Boston Lincolnshire. The river was satisfyingly in full flow thanks to the generous rainfall we have recently experienced. There was quite a lot of farm traffic along the road with many small  thriving businesses alongside the farming activity and industry.

The traffic became very heavy when we reached Sutton bridge where we were held up for quite a while due to road works and a three way traffic lights system.

 We stopped for lunch at the Chestnut tea rooms, a thriving little cafe attached to a large  garden centre.There was also a farm shop that sold fresh vegetables that were obviously provided by the surrounding farms The cafe is made up of a number of extensions to a large house including a conservatory where the the food was served, taking in the beautiful rural views.

 Margaret and I recently visited the highlands of Scotland where we were overwhelmed with the panoramic views. The English rural views seem to be unique in their unruly layout and different aspect wherever one looks. There is certainly a semblance of order in the appearance of the well cultivated scenery that betrays the boundary lines of separate farms that obviously go back generations.

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