Dr Dickus house“A body suddenly crashed through a plate glass window at the Brigadiers house.”
This cryptic message arrived as the raid on “The Jumping Frog” commenced. The team were waiting for a signal from the Brigadier via Marg, when news came that his deputy Colonel Tom, would take command. Tossing grenades to create a diversion, the attack began. Dickus was located in a penthouse and detained, six guards were slaughtered as Bella’s squad attacked.
Marg cuffed Dickus and left the building with Bella, boarding a helicopter piloted by Colonel Tom. Dickus was chained in a warehouse and left in the care of Bella.
Colonel Tom and Marg urgently flew to the Brigadiers house, there had been a raid by Police Commandos using ropes to smash their way in through the windows.
They located the Brigadier and whisked him off in the helicopter to safety.
Then came devastating news, Dickus had escaped, killing Bella and the guards.
A message painted on the wall in blood…………..

(150 words)

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



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by John Yeo

“Well Roger your three wishes have almost completely expired. Two of them have already been used . You are extremely wealthy and ageless, you will live as long as the world turns around the sun. I understand you have a very special request for your third and final desire. What would you like?”
“Yes Master, I have given much thought to my final request, and I ask for a companion to share eternity with, I get very lonely on my own and I would love a special friend to spend my life with.”
“That is possible Roger, do you have anyone in mind?”
“I want to be with that Angel on the pedestal in the park, I would like a pair of wings just like hers. We could be happily together for eternity.”
“Are you absolutely sure this is what you wish for, to be with your Angel Roger? I can make this final wish come true for you.”
“Yes please Master,”
Then with a wave of the magic wand Roger was turned to stone.

(174 WORDS )

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers