Seasonal Sales Pitch

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Robert Brewer’s Poetry Prompts

“For today’s prompt, write a pushy poem. Maybe there’s a character in the poem who’s a little pushy, or maybe the poem is about pushing buttons or pushing people to do things. Or maybe the poem itself is a little pushy. Even animals can get pushy with other animals.”

Seasonal Sales Pitch

By John Yeo

Come this way, step inside,
Your life will never be the same
After you invest.
Buy the product, quickly now,
Try the sensational luxuriousness.
The demand is high,
Everyone is after a slice of this.
Buy quickly, buy now,
Before the product sells out.


This is the seasons special star buy
The very latest in-thing.
Just what you have always wanted
Something you can never live without.
The news has spread all over town
Celebrities are purchasing these,
Everyone who is anyone.
Buy quickly, buy now,
Before the product sells out.


We have just a few left over,
From the peak of the sales boom.
We want to sell everything quickly
To make some valuable room.
I will make you a very special deal
Just for this very last week,
A bargain at half the usual price.
Buy quickly, buy now,
Before the product sells out.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.




by John Yeo

I climb upwards and upwards, breathless,
I work my way to the top
The view from up here is priceless
It is a very high life from the cab.
Over two hundred metres high in the air
I am lord and master of all I survey,
The hoist is like a mechanical chair.
From high above, the city looks drab.
My machine is equipped with the finest hoist,
A huge bucket, wire and chains.
In the high stormy rain the air is moist
The sharp winds cut and viciously stab.
The signaller below, when the load is ready
Calls on the radio. Lift off. Lift and shift!
I manipulate the levers, keeping steady
Guiding the pick-up to the target slab.
It is a lonely contemplative life at the top,
There is much danger in my working conditions.
One false move and the load would drop
Causing much death and mayhem, below.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo All rights reserved


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HOLD The…………..

by John Yeo


Many passengers sharing a long-haul flight across the globe.
A darkened atmosphere.
Day turned into night.

An undercurrent of sound.
A babble,
A torrent of voices in a vacuum.
What is under discussion.

A flood of unidentified thought,
Mostly inconsequential,
Minds deprived.
Stimulus provided by a small screen in front of the eyes.

To a highly gifted sensitive mind,
Deprived of sensory stimulus,
Are these telepathic thoughts, voiced?
Or are they vocalised undercurrents?

Sitting in a cramped row of seats
In front of an illuminated screen,
Time drags on.
The sound continues unabated.
Sound delivered through a headset.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.



For today’s prompt, write a framily poem. That’s not a typo. I’m thinking framily: friends and family (you know, like Sprint’s framily phone plan?). Okay, it’s a little silly using the word “framily,” but when have I avoided silly? Write a poem that involves (or is inspired by) your friends and family. Everyone should have a good story to tell, whether it’s funny, sad, serious, etc.


By John Yeo


The coach sped through the dark night,

We were on the way to grieve,

Sadness had gripped the dying embers

When Grandfather passed away.


Many people gathered to mourn his flight,

To wish him well, now he had taken his leave.

The get-together, the homily, everyone remembers.

A fine man with his humorous way.


Friends and family gathered, to respect his wishes.

A solemn occasion, the priest began to read

These words were his testament from beyond,

Addressed to us all as we waited.


My dear friends and family, I have no issues,

To leave. I love you all and I say God-speed!

Be as happy as I was, I love you together,

MY FRAMILY, I love you all still.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.


For today’s prompt, write a malfunction poem. Yes, I changed today’s originally planned prompt to fit today’s circumstances. Sometimes you just gotta have that kind of flexibility. However, not everyone handles malfunction the same: some roll with the punches, some throw punches, some throw fits, some quit, some try again, and so on. Plus, there’s any number of malfunctions out there: wardrobe malfunctions, mechanical malfunctions, and heck, I think many of my poems suffer a malfunction or three. Let’s get at it.


By John Yeo

 I have just had some very sad news,
My memory has not been too great
of late.
I forget what the Doctor actually said
Somehow I wasn’t in tune.
I had a vision that was too good to lose,
I felt the influence too sad to waste
or replace.
The Nurse took me home, I forget what she said,
I can almost hum the tune.
I got lost last week in our local mews,
It was scary to be alone in that place,
hard to retrace
the steps I took to my familiar homestead.
How did that music resume?
My family made me an offer too good to refuse,
I will go to paradise, a room of my own,
in a nursing home.
With many lovely people with blank friendly faces.
I am sure the tune will come to me soon.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo All rights reserved.


Blame it on Fate


For this week’s prompt, take the phrase “Blame (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include “Blame it on the Rain,” “Blame Yourself,” “Blame the Bad Guys,” and so on.

Blame it on Fate

I worked very hard to get over the blight,
Then to fashion a quill that would actually write.
Pick the feather up and begin to sharpen
The end into a perfect nib.

An inkwell full of Indian ink,
Jet black and smooth almost velvet in texture,
Next a parchment that was specially prepared
To record the unfolding events.

The seers and prophets had forecast the end
Of the world as we know it is nigh,
They say the information was revealed,
From prophetic knowledge of old.

The sands of time have passed by the mark,
When we should be part of the past
The star in the North is still burning
The light is overcoming the dark.

Why is the end of the world so late?
I measured the sands and counted the days,
The solar and lunar forecasters will state
Scientific evidence will blame it on fate.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.image


Robert Brewer’s Wednesday Poetry prompt on Writers Digest

For this week’s prompt, write a new surroundings poem. The new digs could be a house, new work environment, the great outdoors, hotel room, etc. It can be exciting, sad, scary, and about any other emotion you can imagine.


By John Yeo

The postman just brought something,

The flap clatters and falls

I put my teacup on the table 

Then slowly I enter the hall.

The cat follows, rubbing my leg,

A picture postcard lies on the mat.


I slowly bend to examine,

The beautiful pictures stand out.

Palm trees beaches and blue skies

Green trees and flowery sunshine.

I turn to the writing over

A message of love and care.


We are having a holiday Granddad,

We really wish you were here.

I turn to look at my view

Concrete flats and factories where.

With smoking chimneys and traffic,

The contrast is shockingly clear.


I have lived in this flat alone now

For five and twenty years.

Sometimes I hear from the family,

None of them ever come here

 I pick up the postcard again

My mind flies to new surroundings.


I wish I was there.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.