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Photo Credit Susan Spaulding



by John Yeo

  Billy and Mary were lovers. From the moment they met, it was a flash of lightning that lit up the fires of longing.
Billy was at a crossroads, when he first met Mary. He’d just left school without any qualifications and without any chance of a job. Dyslexia, was the funny word his English teacher had used. Billy hadn’t a clue what that meant. A stocky lad, with a shock of shoulder length red hair, that hung loosely on his shoulders. Again his English teacher, Mr Sykes, had a theory that red haired people were renowned for being short tempered and irritable, easily distracted without the means to apply themselves to the task in hand. Billy had his own opinions on bitter, bigoted, world weary, self-opinionated English teachers who were swayed by popular prejudices against anyone who appeared slightly different.
Billy had a business in full swing with his Uncles who were fishermen.
He managed to change the colour of the harbour coast lights by inserting cellophane paper to warn the boats not to approach shore whenever there was danger. Smuggling was helping Billy get the funds to marry Mary and take her away. Billy was a genius.

© John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



Sunday Photo Fiction – June 21st 2015 ~ INNOCENCE

Sunset~Sunday fictioneers

The sun setting behind buildings

The image is supplied and credited by Sunday Photo Fiction


by John Yeo

Shadows cast by the setting sun, 

Gold and orange mingled and merged 

As the evening blended into the night 

With a breathtaking display of splendour.


A warm wind breezily rippled through trees,

Then quickly cooled as night drew in.

Clouds edged in gold by the dying sun

Skittered over grime-encrusted buildings.


Another day had passed, slowly adding to

Time dragging slowly and surely soullessly by.

Two free flying birds gliding, drifting together

Spinning cartwheels in a vortex of pure delight.


The innocence of the dying beautiful day

Reflecting my very real fight for freedom

I will be a part of the outside world again

Outside the confines of a prison window.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved
Sunday Photo Fiction