This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

 Jill Merryweather, a first class investment analyst, was on holiday in a renowned health fitness establishment. It’s another beautiful day, judging by the sun streaming through the window. The world is waiting for her, and she is ready to take it on. Live life to the full and seize every opportunity. That’s her motto, and one she intends to fulfil. Today will bring change, a new path to walk. She  can feel it. Getting out of bed, she dresses and wanders into the kitchen for some pre-exercise orange juice. Jill quickly ran a brush through her dark brown hair, splashed water into her deep brown eyes and headed towards the health centre’s gym. The morning fitness session was scheduled to start at 09:00 sharp. Jill’s pulse was racing at the prospect of continuing her brief association with the mysterious, handsome Richard Donleavy, a fellow guest. They had met and clicked instantly over the last two fitness sessions and all the signs pointed to a strong mutual attraction. Richard was unaware that Jill knew of him by reputation, as an extraordinarily successful investment banker, with his fingers of influence in many different pies. Sure enough Richard was already in the gym and favoured her with a dazzling smile. He was over 6 foot tall with a slight squint to his green eyes that only became noticeable when he removed his expensive tortoiseshell spectacles. He had a shock of neatly trimmed red hair with a small marching neatly trimmed moustache.

  ‘Hi!’ she responded, ‘How are you today? Ready to workout?’

  ‘Of course, I can’t wait, although I’m not used to such high intensity exercise, I’m sure I’m fit enough for anything.’

  ‘Well, we get through sit ups, crunches, leg raises, burpees and squats during this session. you should be fine if you have done it before.’ Jill said, smiling.

   ‘No problem,’ Richard laughed, although secretly he was exaggerating as he had never experienced burpees except for a quick home taught session via a YouTube video.

 The session started well and the mutual attraction between Jill and Richard was obvious to everyone. Until the burpee section started when for the first couple of movements Richard was fine, just a little awkward at first. On the third burpee, he landed awkwardly and screamed with pain as his back and shoulders hit the floor. Jill and the instructor rushed to help but he was unable to move. 

  An emergency ambulance was summoned to transport Richard to an exclusive private hospital. Jill was a frequent visitor during the slow weeks of intensive physiotherapy treatment  and they became good friends. Richard never fully recovered from this untoward injury and needless to say he has never taken part in any further burpee sessions again.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



This is a response to a Flash Fiction writing prompt by M on WordPress. Which can be found by follow the link below.

August writing prompts

Yellow bandana


by John Yeo

  The leader of the Harley crew was Gizmo Green, a man who worshipped his gleaming mean machine. He always wore his trademark yellow bandana over his mouth.This branch of the Hells Angels were devoted to doing as much good in the world as they possibly could. Their fearsome appearance in their leather motorcycle outfits was enough to put people off. Leave alone their long hair and unkempt beards which were enough to instantly breed suspicion in the minds of the police. 

 On the day of a horrendous accident on a major motorway the Hells Angels chapter were on their way to the coast to generally have a good time and raise hell. A train had been derailed from a line alongside the motorway. One carriage had landed upside down on the motorway blocking all three lanes. Scores of people were injured. The Hells Angels were able to get through the blocked lanes on their motorcycles and offer their help. The police and the emergency services were taken aback and the Angels were soon recruited to carry messages and ferry people away from the motorway. When things settled down the Hells Angels chapter roared off on their way to the coast.

  Some time later when the story got around everyone seemed to be searching for the wild man on a motorcycle wearing a yellow bandana. 

 © Written by John Yeo


For today’s prompt, write a damage poem. Since my baby brother is a storm chaser, my mind usually jumps straight to storm damage. However, there’s more than the physical damage created by things like hurricanes, trains, and war planes. There’s also the emotional and psychological damage we inflict, survive, and conceal. The bright side of any damage is that it can be transformed into a poem.


Image © John and Margaret


by John Yeo

Invisible damage had shattered his nerve
The rider had nightmares and flashbacks.
He insists he will never ride again.
Now, the unseen healing begins.


“What is the damage to your self esteem,
When you do something to care?
Caring is responding to feelings,
Thoughtfulness learning to share.
There are many other points of view
Ways of sharing the world.
No damage to your self esteem
In fact you have nothing to lose.
You are unique and very smart
The key is locked in your heart.”


The motorcyclist was shocked,
The incredible crash had occurred.
Racing to the hospital, taking risks
Carrying emergency blood.
With a sudden swerve he skidded
On an oily patch in the road.
No physical damage to his body
Just a dent in his self esteem.
Three lives were on the line today
One outcome saved all three.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

Written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic asides blog on “Writers Digest”