Cup ~ 100 Word Challenge ~ Velvet Verbosity

100 words on the word “CUP” in response to the latest challenge from VELVET VERBOSITY


Anglo Saxon Loving Cup

by John Yeo

Olga and Igor were to be married in the traditional tribal way. The two families had agreed terms and the villagers were gathered for the symbolic ceremony of exchanging swords. Igor the groom said,  “I give you this sword to save for our sons, to have and to use.”  Olga gave Igor a sword, with the words, “I give you this sword to keep us safe.”
They both then shared a loving cup to toast the Gods Frigja and Freya, the Goddesses who ensure a good marriage. The ceremonial loving cup was kept safely, shining for the future wedding ceremonies. 

Copyright ©  Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved