Picture it and Write ~ Girish

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Girish Ermilia

Man in the suit by apaxngh on deviantart

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by John Yeo

My Mother was very sick with an incurable cancer, our faith has always been very strong, indeed we had her to thank for our strong belief in God. They say miracles are possible and we continually prayed for her in church. Mother had already outlived all the estimates of her life expectancy by months.

Mother was devoted to her granddaughter, Anne, six years old and very bright. The teachers at Anne’s school swore she knew the answers to the questions before they were asked.

We were woken by the sound of Anne’s musical laughter and her voice talking to someone in the middle of the night. We rushed into her room to find her awake sitting up in bed, “Mummy, Daddy, this is Girish, an angel!” We could see nothing and she was completely alone. “Over there by the window!” We could see nothing there.

“Believe me Mummy, there is an angel standing, just there, smiling and watching us. Can’t you see?”

My wife in a moment of inspiration said, “Describe the angel, does she have golden wings? What is she wearing? Does she have robes of pure shining white material?”

“No Mummy, Girish has no wings and he is wearing a suit, like Daddy does and he is a young man.”

“What did he say that made you laugh?”

“He said, to tell you not to worry because Grandma will be alright, she has gone to heaven and the pains have all gone.”

I immediately telephoned my Mother’s house and a very surprised medic said, “I was just about to call you! Sadly your Mother died peacefully half an hour ago.”


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