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by John Yeo

  The eccentric billionaire Marc Farquharson, hosted a worldwide annual literary competition, ‘The M.F. Powerful Pen award.’

The first prize was £100,000 with £50,000 going to the runner-up. The competition, open to all and sundry, is hotly contested around the world. The winner and runner-up are chosen by a public vote in the world press, with television and radio shows collecting the votes. The prizes are presented by some influential businessmen and entrepreneurs, who are each presented with a very ornate fountain pen. Known unofficially as the note taking nonsense pen, it’s as highly valued by the recipients, as the acclaim that arises from winning the cash prize is by the writers. Competition to be invited to present the awards is always fiercest among the elite in the global business community.

 Shortly after last year’s competition, the world financial community became aware of some serious business leaks of sensitive information that could only have originated from inside sources. Insider trading was suspected and private security firms were called in to investigate; sadly, without pinning down the cause. After an intensive investigation by a little-known but respected firm of investigators; certain parallels became evident between the ‘M.F. Powerful Pen award.’ and many of these seemingly obscure, random, leaks of information.

  A separate investigation was launched into the wheeling dealing billionaire Marc Farquharson, without any questionable results turning up.

 A breakthrough occurred when a team of specialised financial investigators, headed by an intrepid lady sleuth known as Marg, discovered a bugged fountain pen in the office of a dot-com millionaire, who immediately informed the authorities. All the literary prize pens presented by the organisers of the ‘MF Powerful Pen award’ were collected by police, and Farquharson was arrested for financial fraud. The case against him is underway but proof is virtually impossible, as he denies all knowledge of these bugs and pins the blame on the Chinese manufacturers of these extraordinary pens.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



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A Prompt Response for Flasher Friday

This is my response to a prompt from Our Write Side to their Friday Flasher prompt. A short story in no more than 500 Words using four elements.

  • Place: Japan

    Character: the new guy

    Object: an ashtray

    Weather: drifting snow



By John Yeo

   We are an exclusive club of travelers. Our writing fraternity has visited a different exotic venue each winter for the last ten years. We have been to the ends of the earth in search of inspiration. We explore an unusual destination, then write like crazy for a fortnight using our holiday destination as a backdrop.

    We decided to holiday this year in Japan, It was Harry, the new guy to our group. who had the idea of visiting Hokkaido, I can clearly remember when he addressed the group at our annual meeting.

 “Thanks to the prevailing cold winds from Russia: Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost and second-largest island usually gets a good dumping of snow. Sapporo, Japan’s fifth largest city, hosts a magical snow festival that attracts over two million people every year in February to see hundreds of snow statues and ice sculptures.”

There was a generally positive reaction to this idea.

Jim Trimble the chairman responded with, “Yes, I’ve heard of this massive unusual event, we ought to get some great inspiration from the displays and the atmosphere there.”

 Peter Drake our secretary and treasurer looked up from the laptop he had perched in front of him on the table. “Sapporo is within our budget and has some interesting features to visit whilst we are there. I can probably get a good deal if we book early,”

“Any questions, or alternative ideas?” asked the chairman.

Millicent Summers, then asked, “What is the temperature like there in February,?”

“Cold!” said Peter

The chairman then asked for a show of hands and the decision to visit Sapporo was carried unanimously.

That is the background to how we found ourselves marooned in a luxury hotel in Sapporo after a freak snowfall had dumped ten inches of snow on this part of the city causing widespread chaos. With devastating snowdrifts piling up, bringing delays to all transport, thousands of people were stranded at the airports.

 We were called together to be questioned by an officer of the Japanese police investigating the murder of one of our fellow guests, an Australian man who was traveling alone had been found dead in his hotel room with a severe wound to his head.

 The investigating officer arrived with two colleagues and began to question all of the hotel guests individually.

The police made an arrest and left with the suspect in handcuffs. We were shocked to discover that Harry, the new guy in our club was under arrest for murder.


Jim Trimble said the evidence was cast iron as the victim had been assaulted with one of the large heavy glass ashtrays that can be found in every room throughout the hotel. The only missing ashtray was from Harry’s room, this was almost incontrovertible evidence.

Millicent was soon on the case, and angrily cornered the night porter and questioned him vigorously, she hated to admit Harry had spent the night with her.

 Harry was quickly released from custody; an innocent bystander in a planned assassination.


(498 WORDS)


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

Friday Flasher

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Friday Flasher: Japan


A prompt response for “INSPIRATION MONDAY:” ~ FEELOSOPHY


Image © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

 We always paid rapt attention when the elderly lady entered the room. A distinguished-looking person, she generated a certain aura of mystique. The flowing floral dress and the look of her off-beat fashions were a distinct example of the old cliche!  “Never judge a book by the cover.”  Her time-worn almost time-ravaged looks, were a clue to the well-lived life that had gone before, and the wealth of experiences that together had moulded this wise woman’s outlook on life.

 Maria Salome-Smith was a lady who professed to be a leader of a coven and gave her occupation as a white witch. Devoted to helping as many people in her community, Maria was a healer and a mystic. Using many of the half-forgotten herbal remedies that had been passed down through the centuries, she was responsible for curing many sick people. This made many of the hard intolerant members of the clergy in the local Orthodox Church very uneasy indeed.

 No-one knows exactly who made the decision to arrest her, or how it came to be carried out. After several days of intense cruel torturous questioning, her persecutors were unable to break her strong spirit. It was decided to drag her to court regardless and to try her for the trumped-up charges of evil witchcraft bringing premature death to a member of the ruling gentry.

There was an instant hush as Maria entered the courtroom and a gasp of horror at her unkempt appearance, her head had been shaved and the long distinguished looking grey locks of hair were gone. 

    “How do you plead? Guilty  or Not Guilty?” Enquired the honourable lady Judge.

  Maria’s piercing steel-blue eyes regarded the Judge, as she proudly responded, “Not Guilty!”

There was a hush before the trial commenced and several people were brought to tears and there were shouts from the public gallery. 

“Innocent! Release her! She is innocent!

“Silence in Court please!” was a stern rebuke from the bench.

The trial commenced after one emotional lady was removed from the courtroom.

After several days of hearing from a succession of biased witnesses desperately trying to justify a very obvious set of trumped up charges, the honourable Lady Judge threw the case out of court and rebuked the accusers severely for wasting time and public money.

 There was a silence in the courtroom as contrary to all previous examples of so-called justice, Maria Salome-Smith was allowed to respond.

     “I thank-you for your wisdom, and I would like to say on behalf of all my innocent sisters who have been wrongly accused and died, for following the Feelosophy and state that there is an underlying body of sacred knowledge that is misunderstood and ignored. Difference in points of learning should be revered, and the accepted hard Philosophy of life and our Feelosophy should be merged into one whole body of knowledge that should be allowed to grow. Only the  bigoted would attempt to wipe out the good by killing. There will never be growth if we stand still. Use the good, Feelosophy to follow your ancient instincts and live well. Thank- you!”


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


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