by John Yeo

An Ass is either a male or a female donkey,

Either sex behaving in a selfish, ignorant manner would be

described as asinine,

However when humans behave donkeyish 

they are exhibiting asinine behaviour.

When the leader of the herd indulges in stubborn, narcissistic, asinine behaviour, anything can happen.

Divisions in the herd can swiftly appear and factions will split.

The herd instinct is particularly noticeable among the followers of an asinine donkey.

Bray away!

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by John Yeo

This is the place where the dream was created, deep in Arden forest. A beautiful peaceful sight in daylight with this tree-lined path running through the middle. There are fairies and many little people living here, only visible after dark. The biggest puzzle is the man with the head of an Ass, who is rumoured to have been magically transformed here. The fact is debatable, as there are many Ass-headed beings in the real world, visible wearing the heads of ordinary folk. The tree-lined avenue pictured is haunted by the Lady Arabella who was murdered by her husband after she was caught having an affair with an Ass-headed farmer. The tenant farmer was ostracised and thrown off his land. Now he wanders the woods after dark, broken-hearted looking for revenge, with a pack of hounds ready to tear the foxy killer apart. His Lordship only hunts and walks by day.

(150 Words)


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