PROMPT ~ Astonish


By John Yeo

If I were able to see into the future,

When and how I would pass away.

Would I be able to alter the outcome?

Take steps to alter the finality

Of my death or a long drawn out illness.

Would the future astonish me?


Would I be able to be somewhere else?

Somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be?

Would I then be responsible

For altering lives that depended on me?

If I were able to alter the future

Would the outcome astonish me?


If I could see life after death

Where I will be going when I die

Would I be tempted to get there fast? 

End this life to enjoy the next?

If I were able to control the future

Would the finality astonish me?


Perhaps it is better to be as I am, 

A blind clairvoyant, wishing the future

To be, the way I would like it to be.

In total ignorance of the final reality.

Perhaps it is better to be free

Of alternatives that would astonish me.


© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.