Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.

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The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


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by John Yeo

    The form of transport to reach the solar exterior was incredible, a cross between an ice making-machine and a reforming, non-inflammatory stage.     

     The Rock group would have their images projected into space, where the performance was relayed by satellite.

     Earth in the sixties was a melting pot of music. A furnace of scorching mesmerising ideas. The message was in the music with money to burn. The lead singer was a showman with more than vocal magic to entertain his millions of followers. This man was capable of using magical means, disappearing in a puff of smoke then reappearing in his flesh and blood form instantaneously. The audience were raised to heights of illusory reality, the lead singer was belting out the scorching themes of fantasy. The stage and the auditorium were suddenly plunged into pitch black darkness as the lights went down and fire broke out, leaving a burning guitar blazing in the centre of the stage. Sadly the singer perished in flames generated by solar heat the guitar continued to burn. The trick backfired.


(175 WORDS)

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers