Mondays Finish the Story – November 10th, 2014~ VOICES

Monday's finish the story


by John Yeo

Would anyone know if there was an alien invasion? I asked the Doctor as I lay on his couch.
I mean, I noticed this little fellow on a branch in our garden, Just another stick insect, I thought. Then suddenly the creature addressed me and told me to be careful where I trod or I would squash his spaceship. “
Hmm! Do you often hear voices?”
Yes! I can hear your voice quite clearly and my wife never stops talking.
Hmm! I mean, do insects often talk to you?
No, this one was unique and offered to show me a plant that would make me immortal.
Hmm! Did you reply and jot the details down?
No, I did not have a pen at the time and I have forgotten what the plant was, I was unable to question him further as a passing bird flew down and gobbled him up.
Hmm! Tell me about your relationship with your Mother?

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Copyright ©~Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved