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    Five year old Jenny’s eyes stood out like saucers as the chocolatier got to work. The melted gorgeous river of chocolate rippled down the largest chocolate fountain she’d ever seen. 

     Beneath the river of chocolate that swirled down the fountain ceaselessly, there was an array of things to dip in the delicious chocolatey stream. pretzels, butter shortcake biscuits, strawberries, cherries, pineapple and bananas.

   Jenny’s eyes crinkled and smiled and laughed as she dipped a strawberry in the stream and allowed her fingers to get covered by smooth silky chocolate.

     She suddenly had chocolate all over her face as she began to eat. Her blue eyes stood out like two blue sapphires in a sea of chocolate. 

   ‘Thanks, Mummy and Daddy; I’ve had the best birthday ever.’

   There was a tear in the corner of her Mother’s eyes as she proceeded to kiss the chocolate from around the blue eyes that told the story of a happy little birthday girl.

© Written by John Yeo 


This is a second piece of Flash Fiction I wrote yesterday for our church magazine, in response to the theme of Birthdays.


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by John Yeo

  I will be reaching a milestone age this year and I have been racking my brains about how to celebrate this occasion. I have a loving generous family and some wonderful friends. The main greeting lately has been, “Hi! What would you like for your birthday?”

Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t know what I would like. We are not poor or extremely wealthy. I can’t think of anything I desperately need. I have enough already with the privilege and the good fortune to have such a nice family and some good dependable friends.

Always one to think out of the box and do the unexpected or the unusual. I have come up with a plan to make this a birthday to share with at least 50 other people.

I want to do exactly the opposite to the norm on this extra special birthday.

I propose to take £100.00 into the local branch of any bank in town and ask them for 50, £2.00 coins.

Then I will walk through the streets of Norwich our nearest city.

For many months I have been shocked to see how many destitute people are begging or sleeping rough on our city streets.

I will then place a £2 coin in their hat or another receptacle they use as part of their attempt to stave off hunger.

I will then smile and say, “It’s my birthday today, have a lovely day!”

I know the usual reasons for not encouraging begging. “Oh, they will only spend it on drink or drugs. You are wasting your time and your money doing something stupid like that!”

My reply to that will be. “What about the people who beg because they are desperately in need? It’s my birthday and I’ll do what I want to.”

 Any £2.00 coins left in my possession at the end of the day will be placed in charity boxes that are usually left in the church, or in many other areas where the needs of the hungry homeless are recognized.

I know at the end of this special day I will have a warm feeling of having done my best to share my birthday widely.

Perhaps I will have started a new fashion where the idea would be to give and not receive gifts on a birthday.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved





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A Prompt Response for Flasher Friday

This is my response to a prompt from Our Write Side to their Friday Flasher prompt. A short story in no more than 500 Words using four elements.

  • Place: any fast food place
  • Character: a writer
  • Object: an ice cream cake
  • Weather: calm and cool


by John Yeo

The fish and chip shop was at the heart of the community, located in a small parade of shops, there was an area outside the shop with tables and chairs set up. Friday night was always a busy night and the queue would often overflow onto the terrace outside.

It was Billy Perkins sixth birthday this Friday, and his parents had promised him a special fish supper for his birthday party, to be held at the local fish and chip shop.

“Daddy, will I get a birthday cake, after my fish n’chips?” Billy asked his father excitedly.

 “Of course son, it wouldn’t be a birthday party without a cake!”  replied his father, smiling.

 “Can I have ice cream as well, please? All my friends love ice cream.”

  “Yes Billy, in fact, we have asked the people in the fish shop to make sure you get some.”

 “Aw! Thanks, Dad.”

When the long awaited day of the party finally arrived; Billy, together with his friends, began to take their seats at this exciting unusual venue for the party. The weather was cool for August, cool and calm with just a light breeze.

The children were soon seated at tables and chairs on the terrace outside the shop, tucking into their huge portions of fish with plenty of chips.

Suddenly a man with a concertina appeared and began to play the time honoured tune to the song: “Happy Birthday to,You!” Everybody, even the waiting customers joined in to wish Billy a very happy birthday. Then the owners of the shop appeared with a huge ice cream cake with six large candles burning on top.

  An elderly gentleman seated in a corner of the terrace, watching the children enjoying the party suddenly fell to the floor writhing in pain choking for breath.

 Billy’s Mum, who was a nurse jumped up and hit him several times in the centre of his back dislodging a large piece of undigested fish, that flew across the floor and was quickly consumed by the shop’s cat, who had been lurking under a table nearby.

The elderly gentleman, who quickly recovered, was overwhelmed with gratitude. He introduced himself as William Bryant, a writer, and author of many books and handed her his card.

“You saved my life!” he exclaimed. “I would like to repay you, please contact me here tomorrow. I want to give my namesake Billy a birthday present of some of my books. Meanwhile, I would like to pay for this birthday party.”

“No! We cannot accept that. I was only doing what I have been trained to do. Of course, we will all come and visit you tomorrow. Billy would like that.”

Time passed and young Billy also became an author with much encouragement from their new found  family friend.


(464 WORDS)


Copyright Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

Friday Flasher

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Friday Flasher: Fast Food Place


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ~ Writing challenge.

Hosted by Priceless Joy.

The goal is to write a story between 100-150 words (give or take 25 words) based on the provided photo.


This week’s photo prompt is provided by (free to use photos).


by John Yeo

The Old Curiosity Shop was packed full of ancient memorabilia. Old Jake who ran the shop was always very friendly and willing to chat to passers-by.
He was a very great friend of ours, he would rush out of the shop whenever we passed. This was a Monday morning and he excitedly ran out of his shop to show us his mystery car.
“Hey you two! Look!”
We were astonished, parked next to Jakes cycle was the most amazing Minicar.
” I have a funny feeling, I know where this came from, It is my 70th. birthday today, and I have not heard from my wayward, wild-child for years. There was a ribbon placed on the radiator grill.”
At that moment three Harley Davidson motorcycles roared by and as they passed there was a gleeful shout of, “Happy Birthday!” from the leading motor cyclist.
Then we jumped back quickly, as some fireworks exploded in a colourful display across the road from the shop.
The birthday party lasted all day, when Jakes mischievous son returned.

(175 WORDS)

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers