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The Prompt ~ Write about a time you felt uncomfortable or awkward. Try not to focus on your feelings but project your feelings on the things around you.


by John Yeo

      The invitation was exquisitely worded. The pleasure of your company is requested at Blake’s nightclub and restaurant to celebrate the Black Anniversary of our select club. The evening will include a three course dinner and dancing to a live band.

       “Blake’s!”  I exclaimed to my wife, “Where’s that? I can’t say I have ever heard of a place called Blake’s. Have you darling?  It doesn’t spring to mind, but we must have patronised the place at some time in the last few years or they wouldn’t have our details.”  

     “It sounds like a very posh night out, I think we will have to go!” Said Elaine excitedly.

      “Now hold on a minute Elaine. I think I will have to check this out on the Internet, I will see what Google comes up with.”

      “OK Andrew, I will have to get a new outfit for this night out, I am sure it will be fine.”

    Elaine was excited and she went to telephone her friend Jill, to see if she knew anything about Blake’s club.

     Andrew came rushing into the living-room during the call. “Darling this is a exclusive establishment in the West End of London, frequented by many celebrities and rock stars from the 50’s. Sounds like a fun night out.”

    “Wow!” Said Elaine.

     “This Club has a very interesting past. It used to be frequented by gangsters, gamblers and high society. Rumour has it there was a murder there almost exactly 50 years ago.”      Andrew went on, “I can’t imagine why we have been invited, there is no dress code and the invite simply says Black tie.”

      “Sounds exciting, I will have to get a special outfit and a new hat, I will wear a black scarf to match your black tie.” Said Elaine.

      “I’m not sure I like the idea of us not remembering anything about this place, and not knowing why we have been invited Elaine, but I am sure you want to go, so we will go.”

      The date of the Anniversary finally arrived, and for three hours Elaine was preparing herself for the evening ahead. A beautiful transformation was the result. Andrew wore a white DJ with a black bow tie. A long black limousine arrived to pick the couple up. The driver was an elderly man wearing a chauffeurs cap. He smiled as he held the door open for Elaine and Andrew and they simply climbed right in. The luxurious interior contained a minibar and a television set with a built- in control pad in the armrest. There was a sudden click as the doors were centrally locked behind them once they were inside. There was a telephone connected to the driver and Andrew picked it up to ask why they were locked in. There was no response from the driver, Andrew became more agitated and banged on the middle interior window, but the driver just continued to look solemnly ahead.

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