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by John Yeo

  Miriam gracefully swept into the world, to a fanfare of fantastic, futuristic, flashbulb popping, publicity, at the end of the twenty-first century.  When I say swept, this is a deliberate reference to the advanced state of healthcare and attention she had received, during her long sojourn, within her Mother’s womb.

  A celebrity before she was born, Miriam was a miracle child. The daughter of two successful superstars, of worldwide fame and notoriety, who had given up on the idea of children, Miriam would never lack for anything. During a happy contented childhood, spent mainly enjoying professional, hired, loving care and attention, with private tutors to provide her education, Miriam grew into a beautiful woman, with a unique personality.

 When she entered University, everything was done behind the scenes, to smooth her way, and ensure her safe progress.
 An inspired, well educated, self-assured young woman emerged, and announced to her stunned parents.
      “I am going to Africa, to help to relieve the people suffering from the curse of Ebola, by working as an auxiliary nurse. I have accepted a job with a private red-cross organisation.”

   There was uproar in the family, her Father was angry and refused to speak to her, then left to languish, liquidly, in his gentleman’s club, in town. Her Mother, in tears, called for her Psychologist, to transfer her despair, instantly on the consulting couch.

 Miriam flew to Africa to begin working as an auxiliary nurse.

  One month later a letter arrived addressed to Miriam’s parents. Father opened the envelope to reveal a cheque made out in the name of his daughter, for the princely sum of £100.00.

 His chest heaved, as he suppressed a tear, and with a smile of proud admiration, he read these few words, that were written on the reverse of the cheque, out loud to his wife.

     “Here is my very first Paycheck. I am, and I always will be your loving daughter. Miriam”

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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Radiant ~ 100 word challenge ~ Velvet Verbosity


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by John Yeo

As predicted the meteor shower arrived exactly on time. They made love in the observatory as the stunning meteor shower arrived from a radiant in a far off universe, exploding brilliantly in the night sky.
Helena was beautiful, desired by many and loved by one, a learned Professor in Astrophysics. They had timed the moment precisely, his seed would meet her egg exactly at the right time. A star child would be conceived as the stunning meteor shower exploded in the sky above the glass observatory.
Leonid was born amid another stunning display of shining stars in the night sky.

100 words on the word “RADIANT” in response to the latest challenge from



Written by John Yeo © Copyright all rights reserved