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by John Yeo

  “The storage facility is endless a huge area of space that can accommodate millions of dreams! ”
The supervisor of the facility was outlining the future to a class of sleepy students all suffering the effects of the morning after the night before.
   “How do the dreams get translated into a medium that is able to process them and put them into storage?” Enquired Smart Alec a sceptical student who perpetually lived in a dream world.
  “Translation is a method where the morning memories of dreams gone before are recalled, related, then preserved in a cloudy aura of perspicacity. The accumulated ideas form a whole dream that is available and stored in cloud storage!” The Supervisor went on. “The average unenlightened general public’s attitude to following a dream is to access the cloud through the entrances from cloud cuckoo-land.”
   “I have been informed that following a seemingly impossible dream it is possible to walk about with your head in the clouds! Is this a way to access the dreams in cloud storage?” Enquired a dozy voice from the back of the room.
  The supervisor sighed, “Sometimes the clouds can be so dense as to preclude access to the storage at all! The whole idea of cloud storage is to have instant access to your treasured documents and photographs instantly. The cloud storage is limitless.”
     “How secure is the data that is stored in these unpredictable clouds? Surely interference from electrical storms can interfere with the signals and interrupt the data processing. Can the unwary depositor of dreams be exposed to an unscrupulous hacker stealing in under cloud cover?” Asked a sleepy voice from the front row.
   “The encryption of the cloud-pathway into the cloud storage facility is absolutely secure. There are no known instances of one set of dreams stored in cloud-storage, contaminating another set of individual dreams.” Came the reply from a cloud-manager.
  The supervisor and on-line security expert both nodded at one another in agreement with these words.

  Then a very loud clanging of an alarm bell broke into my dream as my morning call on my mobile phone sounded. I woke instantly with the thought that I must set up a cloud storage system on my computer to preserve my memory for everyday computing.

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