This is a response to a Flash Fiction prompt from ‘Putting My Feet In the Dirt’, Writing Prompts hosted by ‘M’.
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by John Yeo

  We laughed together, thrilling, pursuing each other through the long green grass. Sheep were grazing in the distance woolly ewes with lambs sticking closely to their mothers. A hawk hovering in the sky suddenly dived, fast towards the ground.

 ‘Look Jim!’ Exclaimed Mary. ‘That bird won’t go hungry today, did you see how fast it swooped down to capture its prey?’

‘Yes, he’s likely to have a nest nearby and he’s feeding the family.’ 

We continued chasing through the long grass until we finally collapsed, laughing together. Mary looked up at the sky with the white fluffy clouds casting shapes. 

Mary gazed up and suddenly said, ‘Do you see that dragon in the clouds?’

‘Where?’  asked Jim. ‘I can see white horses and men marching through the sky with perfect white plumes on their helmets.’

‘Oh! I can’t see war Jim, just peaceful, perfectly puffy, clouds.’

 ‘Mary it’s a dreamy, sunny, summer’s day, let’s pretend we’re hawks diving through a cloudy sky together overhead, without a care in the world.’

  Slowly the sky began to darken and the perfectly puffy clouds became dark and threatening, the atmosphere became warlike and the couple ran for home.

© Written by John Yeo


A prompt response to ~

  1. In the Clouds: Go cloud watching for the day and write about what you imagine in the clouds.


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by John Yeo

    Peter and Pauline had climbed to the top of the steepest hill in the district, Old Tom’s Tor, the view from the peak was stunning, fields, mountainous valleys, and verdant green forests spread out before their eyes.

    Peter flattened himself on the soft green grass and lay back, enjoying the opportunity to rest in the glorious sunshine.

   Pauline laughed and joined him on the ground.  ‘This grass is so soft and comfortable we will have to be careful we don’t fall asleep in the warmth of the sun, look at the colourful wildflowers growing unruly and freely  all the way down the steep slopes: Beautiful!’ said Pauline.

     ‘You’re so right. Pauline, what a wonderful place; look at that sky, blue as sapphire, with milky white and creamy clouds scudding across freely. I can see shapes in those clouds, can you make out a flying horseman, led by an angel with her wings spread out.’

    ‘Yes! Oh yes, Peter! Isn’t that a wonderful sight? I must grab my iPhone and take a photo…Oh no, it’s changed already!… Do you see a map of the world? Britain and the United States are closer together on the sky map. The divisions between the separate continents and peoples are all blurred. That huge cloud breaking in from above seems to be taking control.’

      ‘Yes, Pauline that’s right a continual reflection of the changing patterns of the future! Look again and the picture is one of the powerful elements merging and becoming one with each other. The separations seem to be gone and the sapphire sky is the backdrop to an ephemeral forecast. Look flying birds with their wings outstretched chasing the dawn of a new age.’

    ‘Peter it’s getting late, we must make our way back down the mountain now, before dark sets in.’

     ‘Pauline I have a question for you; this magnificent background is the perfect place to ask. Pauline, will you marry me? We can be wed here, at the top of Old Tom’s Tor. I will arrange for a priest to marry us here. Please say yes.’

     ‘I thought you would never ask.’  laughed Pauline.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.