Today I am republishing a previous poem of mine as Time has stolen the day. 🙂💻✍️



by John Yeo

If animals could communicate clearly
And we could understand their thought,
If the Lions could talk to the Lambs
Would the thought processes differ really,
Or give answers to the problems sought
If Bears could converse with Orang-Utans?

How could we eat creatures who question
Our motives for making a meal of them,
Without giving their feelings a thought?
Communication would aid the digestion
Of plants and seeds and bugs. What then?
If Chickens and Turkeys were able to talk.

If Horses became clever with logistics.
Or Pigs preached the wisdom of the ages
Ants could help to govern all smoothly
Monkeys could be studying simplistics
While Ducks would be veritable sages
Humans would be lost in technology.

People have lost the talking habit
Most of them are lost in their phones
People no longer look up and around
No time to chat to a passing Rabbit.
Bees plainly buzz these walking Drones
Who shuffle by without making a sound.

If only People would communicate clearly.

© Written by John Yeo~All rights reserved.



This is a response to a writing prompt from WordPress

PROMPT ~ Your time to shine
Early bird, or night owl?


by John Yeo

I always get up with the lark,

My mind comes to life about then.

I always wake around four am

Before the sun has come up

I pull back the curtains to greet the dark,

Always early to rise.


I stretch and switch on my computer

Check on my emails and comments from friends

Around the world on social media.

Chat to friends thousands of miles away,

Sharing messages, news and the gen,

Always early to rise.


I always brew the morning tea

Take a cup to my wife still abed

I have always been an early riser

Wide awake before dawn breaks

I always wake around four am

My mind  comes to life about then

Always early to  rise.


© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


A PURELY FICTIONAL prompt response for ~Inspiration Monday: CLASSICAL GARBAGE:

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

A prompt response for ~Inspiration Monday: Classical Garbage



by John Yeo

Mind to mind communication had arrived! Prater collected all his gems of high Philosophy from the aether, a secret translucent medium that allowed concepts and ideas to be transferred from mind to mind, and person to person, without the need of papyrus or parchment. Known only to a few members of the higher inner circle, this secret was kept close to the hearts of the chosen few. The higher thinking was that if the aether medium was open to all and sundry, a certain, quite high, percentage of world knowledge, would be contaminated by the everyday dross that passes through the average mind under the guise of pure thought. The inner circle were the most arrogant, supercilious, patronising group of people, that has trod the earth, since the dinosaurs ruled the world.

  Many students barred from entrance to the thought patterns of this inner circle of minds, would follow this elite gathering of intellectuals, who became known colloquially as Prates, in honour of the founder and high-minded Prater, who discovered the magic of the effects of the mysterious aether. 

 Time passed and many of the lesser Prates, would follow the inner circle of closed minds around, writing and gleaning every word that dripped, amid the saliva that exuded, from the mighty mouths. Quite soon a huge body of writings and fantastic verbiage was amassed, and became generally known as the philosophical quantum mass of unsorted verbal diarrhea.

  One disastrous day as the inner circle were meeting to exchange thought-processes in the closed cavern of the rock-adversity, a huge volcanic eruption exploded and wiped out the inner circle completely.

  Thus was the final loss of the mysterious aether and the accumulated wisdom of the ancients. The lesser Prates then produced their enormous volumes of accumulated verbiage and during a lesser eclipse of the third sun, piled every manuscript into an enormous heap and set fire to it, destroying every last word.

  A far-sighted seer from the interior of the continent of Africa, suddenly appeared on the scene, declaring. “Let’s start the whole thing all over again!”

   Then began the millennium of peace and sharing of wisdom between all the differing mystical scientific communities around the world.


Copyright © written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.