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by John Yeo

   The luxury cruiser was kitted out and packed full with cargo to enable the passengers to lead a life of unadulterated comfort. At this moment the ship was stationary with nothing on the horizon. The view from the bridge was a perfectly calm sea stretching out in all four directions.

 The ship’s security officer, Mr Plumb, a well built gentleman, with long Elvis-style sideburns, sipped a glass of water and sat nodding at the news.  

 There had been a horrible murder on board overnight and Mr Plumb had drawn a picture on a menu of a familiar face to everyone on board. The Chefs face with its distinctive pair of slightly misaligned eyes and sharp beaky nose unmistakably grinned out from the picture.

  Captain Anderson was seated opposite him with a questioning look on his face.

 ‘How can you say you know he did it without even investigating the evidence?’

 Mr Plumb shrugged, saying nothing but everything, he picked up a small video-cassette, and handed it to the Captain. 

 ‘Everywhere on board is under surveillance at all times’.

© Written by John Yeo


This is a piece of FLASH FICTION based on this photograph that was taken on a holiday we enjoyed some years ago.

Image © Copyright ~ John and Margaret



by John Yeo 

   Pedro was a sculptor, he worked in a medium that was ephemeral, short-lived very hard to control in the fluidity that was its natural state. Pedro was an ice-man, a man who could turn a block of ice into something wonderful. Anything that was requested could be done. Then one day he was asked to produce a magical sculpture on the lines of the biblical description of the Tower of Babel. Pedro got to work and within three hours a stunning work of art replaced the ordinary square block of ice that had confronted him. Pedro stepped back to admire his work before it was taken away to be used as a backdrop and a conversation piece in the showy lounge on a cruise liner.

   Life was lived by the passengers of this luxury liner as if there was no tomorrow, every possible novelty or delicate treat was available for the enjoyment of these privileged men and women. The ice sculpture seemed just another object to be admired and then summarily ignored, dismissed from the conscious mind. A decorative novelty that stood in the centre of the lounge and dripped drops of liquid into the tray it was standing on.   

  Pedro noted the ignorance that his laborious artefact generated and decided to act, he poured a large glass of vodka in the tray. He called a portly passenger to one side and whispered,   

     “Don’t tell anyone, the ice is not frozen water but frozen vodka, here taste the drips in the tray!” 

    “Oh! Wow! So it is!” Hey Mabel come and have a look here. A Babble of Booze. The tower is pure frozen vodka.”

  Mabel squealed with delight as she dipped her finger in the tray. “Hey everyone! The Tower of Babel is a tower of Booze. Soon crowds gathered to admire this wonderful work of art, and examine the intricate tiny figures as they slowly dripped away.

  People were soon taking notice and there was a babble of sounds of admiration, at the intricate carving and the detail that made up the work that was rapidly melting away.

   “Is it really frozen vodka?” Asked an elderly gentleman.

   “Yes” said Mabel, “Taste the drips in the tray!”

     “Hey! What a great idea.” He shouted. “What a brilliant piece of work. Look at the detail in these tiny figures before they melt away! Where is the sculptor who created this? I want to meet him.”  

 Pedro stepped forward. The elderly gentleman then said to him. “You are a very talented sculptor. I would like you to reproduce this carving in marble. I will pay you very well and employ you to continue to work for me. What do you say?”

   Pedro agreed instantly, as the half-melted ice carving was wheeled away to the galley below.

The moral of this icy work of flash fiction, is never let your creativity get ignored.

Copyright. © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Daily Prompt on WordPress ~ 21st December 2015 ~ SAFETY FIRST

Safety First


Image © Copyright John and Margaret

Safety First

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.


by John Yeo

  The most memorable time that I felt unsafe and insecure was a time when we were in the middle of the ocean, aboard a relatively small ship. We had experienced some quite strong winds, and there was a rough swell, that was rocking the ship a little. We were quite used to this traversing the Bay of Biscay.

   On that memorable day we were eating a leisurely meal in the ship’s dining-room, I was sitting opposite my wife Margaret, with a view of the open sea through the windows on the side of the ship. The dining-room was quite high up, on the fourth level of eight, or nine if you include the open Verandah deck. 

   As I looked up, the windows in front of my viewpoint were underwater, literally underwater! Then within a millisecond or less, there was an huge shocking bang, as an enormous freak wave hit the side of the ship. The shock reverberated through the dining room, tables were thrown over and large metal serving stations were upended. There was the sound of crockery smashing everywhere and food and broken glass was scattered.   Several passengers were injured as the tables trapped people beneath them and the room was an area of total devastation. 

 All of the public rooms were affected and the damage to the fixtures and fittings was substantial. The passengers were ordered to return to their cabins as the clear-up began, we returned to find our television set had been ripped from the brackets that secured it to the wall. The maintenance department were obviously attending to the urgent areas of dangerously damaged fixtures and fittings.

 We were confined to our cabins until further notice, and informed that our meals would be delivered to our cabins by the room-service staff. The Captain kept everyone well informed, of the ongoing situation over the internal tannoy system. The weather was still pretty rough and the seas were high but nothing to compare with the original freak wave that had caused such devastation. That was totally unexpected by the officers on the bridge and came literally out of nowhere.

 We were confined to our cabins for almost two days, and for us that was the safest place to be. I certainly felt unsafe during those two days of high seas, and I was quite relieved when things were back to normal and our ship was sailing on calm waters into the sunshine.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Five Sentence Fiction ~ Villainous

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word.

This week’s word: Villainous


Image supplied and credited by Five Sentence Fiction


by John Yeo

We joined the ship in Tiger Bay, the docks were pretty run-down, redevelopment was planned.

The Captain, a smooth talking elegant fellow, smiled as he welcomed us aboard his three-masted merchant ship.

Shipshape and ready for sail, the crew were lined up for inspection, men from many lands and backgrounds.

The first mate’s name was Lefty he had lost his right arm in a brawl in Calcutta, rumour had it he had killed a man in a fight over a woman.

This villainous collection of thugs and gangsters who were recruited to operate this cruising vessel instantly became cooks waiters, busboys and stewards as the ship sailed away.

SV103755 SV103750


Copyright  Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Writing 101~Day Six~Modern-World Gypsies

Who’s the most interesting person/people you’ve met this year

Today’s twist, turn this post into a character study

Around the World in Words

By John Yeo

We were aboard a medium sized cruise ship visiting ports along the Adriatic coast of the Mediterranean sea. A wonderful itinerary with some interesting ports to visit along the way.

Between destinations, when our ship was at sea, we attended presentations in the form of lectures on a wide variety of subjects.

This is were we came into contact with one inspiring presenter, David who travelled with his wife Janet. An interesting lecturer who gave some sparkling lectures on wildlife and photography, David had a way of presenting his subject, in a very loud enthusiastic voice, backed up by some brilliant examples of his photography, he brought the subject of his lectures to life. He held his audience by virtue of that very loud voice, which he used to good effect to accentuate the flow of his lecture.

We had the pleasure of having dinner with David and Janet allowing us a very good opportunity to meet and converse with the man behind the lectures with his very supportive wife. The conversation flowed, punctuated with much repartee between husband and wife, one of David’s favourite expressions is, “I’m a Cockney, London born and proud of it!”. Between them, both David and Janet had a fund of stories about their previous cruises together, with David remarking “ What other wife enjoys sailing the world with their husband as he lectures on the work he enjoys doing very much?” Janet smiled benevolently obviously enjoying her role as the supportive wife behind the man, although it was obvious to us that she played a very important part in cementing his self-esteem. They have travelled together to many parts of the world, one of their habits was to collect a pebble or a small stone from every port they have visited and take it back to place in their garden in England.

When they were not travelling the world, David had many other ventures on the go, lecturing and teaching photography. He would produce highly-valued large photographic books of country houses for their owners, very individual works of highly illustrated photography with a historic description of the property. Another venture was organising wild life safaris to Africa, where he would extend his photographic library and portfolio.

Yes, this man who travels the world visiting many countries with his supportive lady wife is probably the most memorable character who has crossed our path so far this year.


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