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by John Yeo

The specialist stepped back looking grave,
He frowned and said with a hopeless sigh;
‘I’m afraid you’ll have to be extra brave.
This infection has hit hard like a shockwave.
We did our utmost to apply and nullify 

The viral particles are alive and mutational
We used an antidote the symptoms to stave,
Your child’s stats show we were right to retry.

The vaccine’s effects are certifiably sensational.

This new drug has helped us save life


There’s no guarantee but our hopes are high,
I’m afraid you’ll have to be extra brave.
We waited, breath-baited, tried to believe
Praying and beseeching to the cold blue sky.

The speed of the response was inspirational,

Colour slowly appeared with a flickering eye

Shallow breathing quickly became stronger

A slight smile appeared on the thin pale lips

The senses returned in a symphony to health

A revolutionary treatment; certifiably sensational.

© Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


The Baths, British Virgin Islands | © Boat Rentals Virgin Islands, Google Maps

Welcome to What Pegman Saw, a 150-word weekly writing prompt inspired by the photos found on Google Maps ~ The Baths, British Virgin Islands


by John Yeo

David was battling severe eczema. Davids’ face was a swollen mass of scaly skin. There’s no cure for atopic eczema.
David met Doctor Arpachshad, an American, with a dazzling smile and a reputation for effecting miracle cures.
One day Dr. Arpachshad excitedly called David.
‘Good news, I have a lotion guaranteed to clear up your condition. It’s made from the skin of a Lioness on heat, trapped and skinned on the night of a full moon. The lotion needs to be applied after a soak in the baths located on the British Virgin Islands.’
‘How much will it cost?’ asked David.
‘£20,000 pounds cash; double if you pay by another method.
David was unable to raise this money but there is a strange twist to this tale. The family visited the baths on the British Virgin Islands and Davids eczema was miraculously cured.

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A prompt response for ~ Inspiration Monday: Anxiety Hurricane



by John Yeo

 Anthony was tired; not just sleepily tired, but a tiredness that had taken hold of his whole being. A weary lethargic state of mind that seemed to kill off any inclination to do anything.

Anthony, however, got a grip of this situation and forced life to go on. Every day he would carry out his regular routine; a routine that he loved in more ways than he cared to admit.

‘I will not get weighted down, by giving in to these horrific, demanding, feelings that are so painfully alien to me.’ Anthony thought.

  ‘For a start, there’s no way the reality of the future can ever be as black as I am imagining. I seem to have developed a habit of always looking at the worst outcome of any situation and painting the picture black: Pure jet black.’

  His mind drifted over the events that led to this obnoxious state of being. There was absolutely nothing in his life that could possibly have engendered this typhoon of negativity.

  ‘There are several minor issues that had been around for a long time. None connected to this searingly shocking hurricane of events, however.’

At this point, Anthony began to take his own steps to shelter himself from the onslaught of worrying events. ‘I have an idea that if I don’t walk on any cracks in the pavement, just the smooth surfaces, life will become smooth once again.’  From that moment forward he would avoid pavement cracks at all costs.

   Still, the worrying tempest of uncertainty continued, certain foods became very dangerous to consume, Anthony was afraid his weight would suddenly increase and he would balloon out, gaining much weight suddenly. A dietary ritual developed where certain foods would be avoided at all costs, eventually, he consumed very little food and became painfully thin. Anthony joined the local gym and another ritual developed, life would be seriously upset and dramatically affected if he ever missed a single session. He would attend the gym at exactly the same time every day where he would anxiously follow his strict routine in accordance with the wildly influential anxiety hurricane that had got increasingly violent as time went on. Many worldwide worrying events were adding to his anxiety and he began to be seriously concerned about world events and the dangers of life in general.

  ‘I will not read the papers anymore or switch the news on in any way, shape, or form, that way I will able to control this shocking tide of woeful anxiety.’ Anthony thought.

He was advised to try meditation and eventually a learned monk using hypnosis entranced him then using the power of suggestion abated the anxiety storm that had continually battered him for months.

   Anthony described the moment when he came into the suggested reality as a dense, dark, black, blanket lifted from his life instantly. From that day the sun shone warmly through Anthony’s future life.

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Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.





A Prompt Response for Inspiration Monday



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A prompt response for Inspiration Monday: Aggressive Sleep



by John Yeo

    “Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia. This awful bloody Insomnia! What else can I do? The medics have prescribed every pill and potion known to the human race. Nothing works.

I am in training and my mind is totally focused on getting the right result in the fight, my reflexes are slowing slightly. I need help, urgent help; or I will definitely lose!”

 Jason hadn’t slept for days, his manager had tried every way, no expense spared, to get his man to sleep.

 “I just can’t get to sleep, whatever I do.” Jason went on, “I keep worrying about the result and counting the money we will earn, the fight is always on my mind, night and day.”

  Tommy Ricardo was an able and experienced manager, he had handled many fighters in his career but this was new. A fighter who was gradually losing his touch, losing his reflexes, and the chance of taking the title. The glory and rewards were gradually slipping away, unless something could be done and fast. Tommy had heard of a Guru from India, who could guarantee to put Jason to sleep, but the cost was phenomenal. Tommy took Jason to see the mystic, Jason was tired; tired and nervous: His temper was brittle.

  “What the hell! If he gets me to sleep it will be worth the money I guess.” said Jason. “I suppose he will influence me to sleep, using hypnosis. Is that really worth all this money?”

 Tommy nodded in agreement and replied. “The accountants have done their sums and they maintain, this fight will be worth tens of millions if you win. We must find a way to get you to relax and sleep!”

  The Guru smiled a welcome, he sat on a pile of cushions and waved the two men to take a seat. An interpreter was present and opened the conversation with words of welcome. Then a question.

  “The Guru asked have you brought the money, we need the cash up front. He has studied the case and he guarantees that Jason will be asleep within minutes of the exchange, using a technique of his own invention.”

Tommy looked askance at Jason?  “Are you ready for this? Shall I pay them?”

“Yeah go ahead! If it works as he guarantees, then our problems are over” Jason said.

 Tommy handed a suitcase to the interpreter, after the cash was counted and taken away, the Guru motioned Jason to enter a private room.

  The next few minutes passed quickly, there was a familiar sounding crack, the Guru came out smiling and spoke to the interpreter, who turned and said, “The news is good, your man is fast asleep. Our women have covered him with rugs, he will sleep long, as his tiredness was extreme.”


“How did he do that so fast?”  asked Tommy.

“This is a new revolutionary, Aggressive Sleep Therapy, administered by an unexpected left hook, works every time,” smiled the interpreter.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.