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Belle and Fleur

Belle and Fleur

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


  by John Yeo                                               

       Fleur and her sister Belle were both clever and pretty, always standing out from the rough and ready tough flowers that surrounded them in the garden. They were not really sisters however, although they were always together, always supporting each other from the outside unruliness that surrounded them. They lived in an unreal protected environment, built up over many months into a smooth comfortable fertile border.

  One day they were picked out from the mass of relentless, thrusting weather-beaten flowers, and placed in an impressive vase by the lady of the house. Water was provided, plant food was drip-fed into the vase, leaving nothing for our pretty captives to strive for.

  These were no ordinary flowers, and the pressure of this unreal existence began to build inside their stamens, and the energy began to boil up the water. Then one fateful day the stress cracked the vase and water gushed out from the shards of the broken vase, taking the life forces of Belle and Fleur into a new environment leaving the husks of their previous existence behind to be cleared away with the rubbish.

  The lady of the house blamed the cat.  

  Belle and Fleur mingled with the water to be re-circulated into the environment in their new existence.

 If two well balanced young people were picked to be removed from the rough and tumble of life, into a stress-free environment. The chances are they would break down the walls of the cushioned life and develop their existence with different characteristics.

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