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by John Yeo

        “The infinitely powerful speed of dark, is a new super speed, that exceeds the speed of light, by many aeons-per-supersecond. The elusive dark matter that surrounds us all is moving so fast, that our eyes are unable to focus on the entity at all.” Prof. Barnes, the chief scientist was addressing the team of brave cybernauts who were risking everything, to travel through space using the new medium of darkspeed.

 Captain Johnson was intrigued by the vehicle he was required to take charge of, and how much extra training the crew would require before they took control.
    “How do I power up a ship that is running on an invisible medium?” He enquired.

           “The fuel powering is automatic, once the robotic fuel systems key into the dark matter, the propulsion is automatically fired up, and entirely controllable by pulling a plug and switching off the motors.” replied the Professor, “Landing the ship on the reserve conventional motors, is much like operating a normal spaceship.” The Professor replied.

    “How do we key into the dark matter to take off again, when we are ready to come home?” asked Jim Green, the chief engineer.

            “Ah! Thats easy.” continued the Professor, with a grin “You just insert the plug again, once the system is connected up, the power re-continues to flow.”
After many weeks of intensive training for the crew, with the boffins finalising the details of the revolutionary new craft. The lift-off countdown began, 10-9-8-7-6——-1-Zero.

 One hour later the spaceship landed in a remote desert in the middle of Africa. The watching world was stunned and the spaceship was soon surrounded by cautious troops.
Suddenly the trapdoor was released, and six very youthful looking cybernauts came down the steps.
 At the debriefing, which lasted for days, it became obvious that the crew were under the impression they had been away from home for years, and their intelligence levels had spiralled beyond belief. Their youthful appearance was astonishing, and the adventures they related were enough to fill many books.
     Six months down the line the spaceship vanished from the high security quarantine area where the authorities had been examining it for viral invaders. The original crew were missing and the search was on for the almost instantaneous return of the missing spaceship.
   The new era of darkspeed, darkmatter travel, was underway……..

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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Picture it and Write ~ Circular Reasoning

This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog 



Forest Sculpture by Spencer Byles

As usual the image is supplied and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

Tree people arrived on the planet Earth to make contact, travelling through space from beyond the rings of Saturn. Travelling through the dark matter invisible to the human eye, they came through a maze of wormhole tunnels. Circles are very important to the tree people’s culture, as important as the rings running through a tree trunk recording the age of a tree.
Firstly they announced their arrival by crop circles with alien diagrams, laid out on many farms and fields, these went unrecognized and were ridiculed by the inhabitants of Earth.
They recruited weaver birds to weave and construct special rings of tree branches that were then energised with power from the invisible dark matter that surrounds everything in the known universe. Each ring was constructed and linked to another dimension, any person entering a ring would instantly become invisible as they travelled and entered this dimension able to travel through time and space, never to return. Many of the top scientific brains on the planet followed the route through the rings and fears were raised among the top echelons of society for their safety.
Then one fateful day, a human emerged from one of the rings and lived to tell a wondrous tale of life in a far-off paradise. When the danger of evil and violence threatened the alien visitors, they left very quickly. The survivor soon returned with some officials to the woodlands where the alien rings were situated, all he found was a fungal fairy ring of mushrooms.
All trace and evidence of the road to Saturn was lost.  

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Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved