Imagine Part Of Your Body Has A Voice

 Decide on a particular part of your body and imagine it has a voice – what do you think it would have to say for itself – humorous or sensible – your foot, your mouth, your ear, your head, etc.

Your piece of writing might include detailed description, facts, names and technical details. Or just Imagine it can tell us about itself and what it feels like to be it.


by John Yeo

The inevitability of the ageing process.
As the body begins to slow down
The mind continues to function on regardless.


Millions of brain cells communicating
Talking to each other and remonstrating
Generating a hubbub of noisy chatter.


The continuation and maturation
With ongoing natural development,
Brings the added inevitable complication
Of slow diminution and deterioration,
Leading to insidious mental retardation.


As brain cells enter a mode of self destruction.
The process is slow but sure degeneration
Forgetfulness brings further complication.

Leading to the hopeless realisation

Although getting old is inevitable

Silence can be golden.


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Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved